Earthquake in Hawaii

A+ to Snowbama for saying the Cornhusker deal doesn’t make sense, so it’s out.  However…what about the Louisianna deal?  That’s still in.


Because they are not the only state to have a devastating natural disaster.

True – some places were hit with blizzards.  Others had record rain fall.  Surely he’s not putting these as equals with Hurricane Katrina, is he?

Of course not – trust Snowbama to be very “clear”.  He’s referring to the earthquake in Hawaii.

Earthquake?  If you’re thinking you missed something in the news – you’re not the only one.

There was no earthquake.   But, I suppose he’s just taking a few lessons from Pelosi and Slaughter – perhaps he “deemed” it to have happened.

Either way – Hawaii is his rational for allowing Louisianna to keep it’s bribe.




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  1. BO is something else. He just keeps flinging garbage and thinks we’re going to swallow it.

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