God Bless Virginia and Idaho

Seems the Attorney General of Virginia has served notice to Pelosi they will be suing if she goes forward with the Slaughter Solution.

The Idaho governor goes one step better – pass mandatory health insurance and his state has pass legislation requiring their state to go to court.

Anyone following this story should note two things – one, the Dems in his state say this is “Frivolous”.  That he should be focusing on Jobs and not health care.  Funny how it goes – we want health care stopped because its bad for jobs, and we want more focus on job creation.  But if anyone tries to stop health care, these Dems chastise him for not focusing on jobs.

Talk about loosing any sense of rationale.  And just in case there are any Dems reading this, let me give you a simpler example.

My house is on fire, I want to open up all the fire hydrants.  Ever so concerned, the Dems say don’t waste precious water – I should be spending more time fighting the fire.

Their second objection is the lawsuits are “frivolous” because “Constitutional” lawyers agree that Federal law superceeds state law.  Wow – talk about not knowing the Constition – or conveniently forgetting that little part that makes it clear about which powers are vested to the state.

But then again – the Liberal “constitutional” lawyer has also conveniently forgotten one small concept – “vote”.

In other words, if you’re a Constitutional lawyer, and you don’t see any problem with passing legislation without voting – that pretty much sums up the lack of any validity in your opinion.

Once again – God Bless Virginia and Idaho – may other states rise up and follow their lead.




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