DC Assylum presents “Deemed-ocrats”

(Gibbs):  The President is happy to accept the people’s mandate that he serve a second term.

(Reporter): But it’s only 2010, there are still 2 more years before the general elections!

(Gibbs):  Glenn, Glenn… didn’t you watch His Presidency on Fox last night?

(Reporter):  Yes – a lot of us watched the interview

(Gibbs):  Did he not make it abundantly clear … he’s not interested in “process”… and neither are the American people.

(Reporter): But the elections … what about the elections?

(Gibbs):  His Presidency has deemed it in the best interest of the American People that the election be decided today.  And, he is sure the American people would agree with him.

Well folks, when we “deem” on one issue, how much longer before “deem” is better than “vote”?  If you can do it once, why not again?  If you can take over 1/6th of the economy, why not jo after something a little more lucrative next time?




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