DC Asylum presents “Austra-who?”

(Gibbs):  Your Presidency, I’m so excited about our trip to Australia – I’m even practicing my accent for their press corp.

(Barack):  About that trip – I haven’t gotten around to telling the Prime Minister yet, but I’m going to be busy here.  So, I’m going to need you to pass that on this morning when you do your press brief.

(Gibbs): But Your Presidency – this is one of our allies, it’s just not heard of to cancel a state trip.

(Barrack):  And?  Oh I’m sure he’ll understand.

(Gibbs):  I…I don’t even know what to say…

(Barrack):  Look … I won the election so I get to write the rules.   Did the Prime Minister of Austria win the Nobel Peace Prize.

(Gibbs):  Australia.

(Barrack):  whatever, same thing.

(Gibbs):  What am I supposed to say?

(Barrack):  Tell him I can’t leave my country in its time of need … especially after such a horendous disaster.

(Gibbs):  What disaster would that be, Your Presidency?

(Barrack):  The earthquake which struck Hawaii – damn Gibbs, don’t you watch me on the news?

Seriously folks – the desperation is starting to show.  I’m afraid if it meant a guarantee for passing his legislation, he would probably sell Alaska back to Russia.  While I’m thinking about it – he might see that as a way of neutralizing Sarah.




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