DC Asylum presents – “Process is Not Important”

(Gibbs):  Your Presidency – the people aren’t too happy about the way Congress is going about passing Health Care

(Barrack):  If I’ve told you once, I’ve told you a thousand times – the American people are not interested in process.

(Gibbs):  Your Presidency – if we could just explain how this process works, then they would see they have nothing to worry about.

(Barrack):  You’re right – I want you to set it up so I can address the nation tonight.  I’m going to explain the legislation process to them.

(Gibbs):  Thank you, Your Presidency… they will stand behind you once you explain it.

(Barrack):  True – this shouldn’t be a problem.  Here’s the process:  I say we’re going to do something, the next step is to find out how much pork we have to throw on the table, and then after that, I sign the bill.  We can always worry about what’s in it and how to pay for it afterwards.

Folks, we’re seeing it play out before our eyes.  Forget listening to the people.  Don’t have enough votes?  Find out what it will cost to swing a No vote to a Yes vote.  Pay for the bill?  That’s not important.




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