It’s not about his Presidency

Emanual says no one has spent one minute talking about how this is now about saving his presidency.

But I wonder what Australia and Indonesia are thinking?

So why would he want to stay here?  Well, in today’s age, with satellite technology, he’s still only a phone call away from any of the Congress reps he wants to speak to.

Oh… forgot…time zones.  He has to stay up all day, listening to Ausies yap yap yap, and pose with kangaroos – and then have to stay up all night on the phone.  No… that won’t do.

Besides – hard to strong arm someone when that person is not standing right there in front of you.   Hard to know if others are listening in on the phone calls as you make under the table deals.

No… time zones would get in the way.  Better to stay here and so he can do what it takes to save his presidency.

Still think Health Care is not about saving his presidency?  If you believe that, you probably believe him when he says it won’t drive up costs.




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