New Election Campaigns

The M-Tv generation is always looking for something to get behind….

How much longer before we have .. “Rock the Deem”?

Maybe this will be followed up with a bunch of  “Get out Deem” Concerts.  I can see it now… popular singers getting up on stage and shouting to the crowds “I hate Republicans – they are nothing but NO!  I’m looking forward to the next Deem!  Then we’ll get a chance to have our voice heard!”




2 Responses

  1. OMT, I fear you may be prophetic. I read an article, (yesterday?) saying BO & Co will use same methods for amnesty and Crap & Tax.

    • Nika – it’s real simple – once the powerful find out they can pass laws without voting, why bother with voting?

      Deem and Pass is the politician’s Crack Cocaine – once they take a puff, that’s it, they got to have that easy pass again and again.

      Hey,…. I think I’m going to write something about that. Thanks!

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