Political Crack Cocaine

It starts with a little Mary-Jane…maybe a “let me ty that Heroin”.  But at some point, the casual drug user crosses the line, buys a rock of Crack Cocaine, fires it up, takes a puff, and before you know it… there goes Grandma’s silver set.

Now look at the Politician.  Take a free ride to Europe and write it off as “research”.  Give a major contributor a major pork project.  Everyone’s been doing it – and no one has “ever gotten hurt”.

And then along comes Mr “I know the Constitution” and he tickles your ear with “the people don’t care about process”.  What’s he got for you?  A nice little bag of “Deem and Pass”.

On the street – it’s known as Demon Pass.  But don’t let that scare you.  You got something you want to see become a law?  Why bother with that whole process of voting – just “deem and pass”.   Don’t worry about what’s in the writing, we’ll fix that later.  Pay?  That’s a three letter word and so is “tax”.   Best part – you can “deem and pass” what ever tax you need.

Folks – point is this:  you let elected officials get away with passing a law without voting on it – that’s not a slippery slope – that’s walking right off the cliff and pretending the air beneath your feet will still hold you up.

Elevator ride straight down to a place you don’t even want to imagine.

And we keep saying “Wait until November” and “2012 – we’ll vote him out”.  Folks – their showing you today they don’t care about “vote”.  If they don’t want it – why would they let you have one?




2 Responses

  1. This blog is great. How did you come up witht he idea? 6 1 7

    • The idea? Just got tired of watching the politicians. I figure as long as they keep acting so asinine, I’ll have plenty to write about.


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