The Ever Changing Label

Recently, I was watching an old movie, and believe it or not… during the 50s, the politician actually called himself … “Public Servant”.

Somewhere along the way, it became more fashionable (read “appropriate”), to refer to the politician as “Elected Official”.   Not really a big change – elected still means the people have some sway in deciding who they send to Washington.  And “Official” sounds much more dignified than “Servant”.

But I guess change wasn’t finished, because over the past few years, the new term became “Political Leader”.   Not much of a change is it, but it sure is a long way from “Servant” to “Leader”.  And I even heard “the Washington Elite”.  Wow – talk about getting far away from remembering what function they serve – they represent you, your neigbor, me and my neighbor.

Not “Lead” – but “represent”.  Not “Elite”, but “servant”. 

You ever have a chance to talk to one of these critters?  They refer to themselves as “Congressman So and So”.  Yeah, I know, that’s their title.

But correct me if I’m wrong, but Congress is a Bi-Carmal system – one part Senate, and the other part is “House of Representative”.  If they want to use “Congress” in their title – it might be more correct to say “Half-Congressman So-So”.  (hey – we can shorten that – how about ‘Half-Wit So and So’?)

Point is, I’m through calling any of them “Congressman”.  I’m going to start say “Representative So and So”.  Maybe he’ll get mad and call me out on it, and I can remind him why he even has a job in the first place.




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