.. and now for the BAD news

Alright… granted, I am still new at this, and should expect a bit of hostility for having an opinion which runs counter to the prevailing “wisdom” being spoon fed to us from DC….

But this morning, I went to check my Data-Box, and was looking at what links people are using to find “The A-Files”.

Imagine my surprise, when I see that one of the phrases someone used was “blogs which accept hate speech”. 

Whoah.  Hate speech? 

Just how did the search engine add my blog to that category?  I don’t tolerate racial slurs, I don’t tolerate ethnic jokes.  If you knew where I worked, then you would totally understand why I’m no supporter of racism.  Has there been one post in which I make deragotory remarks about a person’s ethnicity, race, color or creed?  No.  And there never will be.

However, I do excercise my right to speech, and I am no fan of the professional politician.  And yes… I do hate watching what Progressive Politics is doing to our country.  Is that “Hate Speech?”  If you think it is, does that make it on par with Hitler or the Klan?  Now that’s hate speech!

Well… good thing I wasn’t born with Thin-Skin-Syndrome.  Because anyone with half the sense the Good Lord gives everyone, would agree – there is no “Hate Speech” here.  But then again, some folks get so wrapped up in their ideology, they begin to see anyone who disagrees with them as “hateful”.




2 Responses

  1. There are a whole lot of people who are so biased they can’t tell the difference between HATE & just being PISSED OFF!

    • So true – so what if some search engine can’t tell the difference. Will still continue to fire off the posts – as well as do all I can to get other people involved in cleaning out the House of Reps.


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