Internet is “Essential” to Citizenship

Oh, isn’t this a sweet one – It appears the FCC has released a report on improvements they feel need to be made so everyone has internet access.  One should really check out the article (FCC’s Broadband Plan).

Why am I concerned?  First of all, I do believe people should have access to the internet.  The more, the better.  The internet is one of the best platforms for the exchange of ideas and opinions. 

 If anyone has been watching the dynamics of politics over the past two and three years, there is no doubt, the internet has been one of the driving forces behind the explosive growth of Political Activism.  Just take a look at the Tea Party Movement.  A movement with no leader, but none the less, one which continues to share their opinions and plans for rapid assembly.  One only has to look at the Code Red rally taking place in DC.  Sure – 35,000 might not cause CNN to take notice, but remember, a week ago, it was only an idea – and now people are driving hundreds of miles, even flying from across the states, to join this. 

It’s the internet.

So … why am I concerned about the FCC?  Maybe because I work in a third-world country, which has a city with multiple millions living within a very short distance, a city which has no emergency response system – so say goodbye if you start feeling that tingle in the arm.  A country which has just the barest infrastructure (hey, if you don’t have your own generator, when the sun goes down, there goes your light).

But guess what – this country aslo has a telecommunications system which is world class.  Not only are the calling rates back to the US mere pennies… I’ve purchased a cell phone card for my laptop, and can buy a full twenty four hours, unlimted access to the internet (at 3G speed!), for the cost of two coca-colas.

Maybe it is just something about a particular comment from the report which does not sit well with me:

“Until recently, not having broadband was an inconvenience,” the FCC said in its report.  “Now, broad band is essential for opportunities and citizenship.”

See…that’s the part which I have problems with.  Now, we have a body of the government looking at the internet as “essential” if you want to be considered a functioning citizen of this country. 

 I suppose we should have expected this – it’s not like the only ones watching the Health Care debate are the news channels and outraged citizens.  More beuracrats saying “if it’s the government’s responsibility to make sure all citizens have health care, then in a digital age, it is the duty of the government to make sure those same citizens have internet access.

Let me ask you this…if the FCC oversees broadband highways in the US, and the Department of Transportation oversees the asphalt highways, then why aren’t we hearing DOT saying things like “having a car is essential to citizenship?”  Or… maybe that’s just around the corner.

You know… if Health Care does “pass”, and the Republicans are right about the waiting time for services being increased because of the increased demands placed on the medical community – then all those people in the waiting room are definitly going to need something to do.  So why not make sure everyone in the US has internet access?




2 Responses

  1. Are you familar with Mark Lloyd?

    He’s BO’s Diversity Czar, fan of Chavez. I can’t get the links to work, but you can check archives at Michelle Malkin and Newsbusters.

    If you do know of him, disregard this message 🙂 don’t mean to insult you.

    • Isn’t it amazing SnowBama wants a Diversity Czar? I’ve seen the name, and do remember the little I read wasn’t too pleasant. I’ll probably start watching this one as well. Might make for some good “DC Asylum”.

      And don’t worry about insulting me – the Dems did a fine job of that on Sunday.


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