Cleaning House in November Just Got Easier

Well, at the moment, I’m presently on the other side of the world.  Try as much as I wanted to, there was no way I could stay up late enough to be able to watch the results of the vote.  So, I had to lay down and hope and pray that when I logged on, I would be seeing good news.

But, that part of the story – we already know what happened.  Now, I’m not going to write a lot about “being betrayed”, or any other expression of the deep felt anger I have right now.  It’s not going to do any good. 

What I do want to write are my thoughts on why I believe the Dems have won the battle, but lost the war… in a very big way.  Do they really believe they are going to retain their majority position?  Not in the least.  And I don’t say this because I’m angry.  Even if I wasn’t as vested in this issue as I am today, I would still come to the same conclussions based on the following points which will be the reason the Dems will look back and realize, they too were hoodwinked by SnowBama.

1) There are only 7 months left until the election, with most major campaigns swinging into full gear in about 2 to 3 months.  As much as they want to believe the average American has short-term memory, this is not going to be the case.

2) It is spring time.  Which means the weather is getting better, so count on seeing more Tea Party type events.  And as the weather gets better, so will the tempo of these events.  This wll build on the momentum of item #1.

3) The economy is still what’s in the gutter.  Unemployment hasn’t really made any significant progress, and neither has new home builds, or first-time purchases.  And six months is not enough time for any real significant changes to occur.

4) When SnowBama signs the legislation, one thing will happen and one other will not.  What will happen: people will see taxes go up.  The burdens on business will go into full swing, and true to business – this will mean lowering the labor pool (in other words, this will just feed #3).  What will not happen – all those people who “thought” they would benefit from this bill, just remember, it will be a few more years before that part starts up.  In other words, all the ones who think they are getting something, are going to find out they’re not getting squat, but in the meantime, they might be one of the ones loosing their jobs.

4) There are 219 names which for all intents and purposes, just became a consolidated list of candidates who need to be replaced.  No more “I might vote Yes, I might vote No”.  It’s part of the record.

5) Over the days and weeks, there will be more and more disection of this legislation.  Trust me, they kept it behind a closed door for a reason.  And now, the vampire bill is going to have to withstand the full light of scrutiny.  And the more we find, the more we can post.  You know all those thigs we tried to warn people about, only to be dismissed with “that’s not in there”.  Guess what – the law will be very public.   And as the days go on, we’re going to have more and more substance to use as evidence for showing we’ve been wronged.

Yes…I’m angry the bill was passed.  But at the same time, I also am seeing how this is actually going to be what it takes to really see the Dems moved out.

Let’s watch … it will happen.




8 Responses

  1. If I were a betting man, I’d take your bet, because I think the dems are going to pick up seats.

    • Are you that sure, but stilll unwilling. My prediction – not only will the House flip and Pelosi will cease being the Speaker, I’d be open to a wager she’s going to be on the lecture circuit after November. In others – fired.


  2. I think we ought to do what Huckabee suggested…..send money to the 219’s opponents! Maybe take on that “Make Change” thing that the A-Files suggests! 🙂

    • Thanks One-Tough-Mother – she’s right, about a month ago I started a FaceBook group – “PROJECT Make Change Work.

      Same concept – even though you don’t live in the state, you can still support the candidate. And if you set aside a coin jar, to collect your spare change, you would be surprised how much you can send in.

      November is coming – and it’s time to do more than just write replies on blogs. It’s time to back the candidate.


  3. Oh, and sorry….I know I should not be venting over my anger….but I did in my blog…hahahah! Thanks for including me on your list of blogs!

  4. I must say that on the whole I am really happy with this site.After reading your post I can tell you are excited about your writing. If only I had your writing ability. I look forward to more updates and will be returning.Thanks!

    • Your Welcome – keep coming back, and don’t be afraid to post your comments. If you find a story you think should show up here, then let me know!


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