Wrong to think of Sunday as “Waterloo”


I wondered how long it would be before someone proclaimed the Democrat victory to be “Waterloo”.  Well, I already wrote about this a few weeks ago – the fight against Health Care is not, and can not, compare to Waterloo.  Like I said before, this last year has been more akin to “The Siege of Stalingrad”.  We’ve fought a war of attrition.

Another reason this is not “Waterloo”, is something the political cartoonist grossly fails to understand, for two reasons.  One, this was a stand against an Imperialist who was wanting to conquer all of Europe.  If there’s a comparasson between Napolean and anyone in particular – it would be SnowBama – the Imperial conquerer.

The second reason – when Napolean was defeated at Waterloo, that ended everything.  The defeat on Sunday is not the final battle.  November is still rolling closer and closer.  How many other famous generals have said something similar to “We won the Battle, but we lost the war”.  I’m pretty sure Tojo felt that way, maybe even Geronimo.

Like I said yesterday – what the Dems have accomplished is two part – created a list of candidates who won’t be able to dodge their stand on the bill – now people know who to vote against.  And second, as more days go on, you will see more and more parts of this bill exposed for what it is.  No “Distortion”, no “fear”.  The hard facts will be right there – and each one exposed will be that many more people who are going to stepping up to join the fight in November.

Let them have their “victory” – but only a fool would proclaim victory while the opposing forces still have the field, and are getting stronger each day.




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