When Health Care Means More Than Health Care

I don’t see the connection betwee “43 million uninsured” and the cost of college, but it seems the Health Care Bill not only takes care of that problem, but is going to remedy being able to pay for college.

“Besides reshaping parts of the landmark health overhaul, the legislation transforms the student loan program – in which private banks distribute money – into one in which the government issues the loans directly.  That produces some federal savings, which the bill uses in part to increase Pell grants to needy students.”

So – never mind that “not being able to pay for college” is no where near the drastic crisis we were told America had with “can’t afford health insurance”.  Never mind that a person can step up and be eligible for G.I. Bill (oops…that means having to serve your country – instead of expecting it to take care of you).

Here’s another problem – banks don’t like to loan money unless they see there is a relatively good chance to be repaid.  Having the Government replace the bank is opening the door to many a problem – “special qualifications” (we saw that with the Fanny Mae melt down), to not even being paid back.

Or worse – want to go to college?  Better learn to toe the government line, and not be so “outspoken”.

But then again, I didn’t win a Nobel Peace Prize, so I’m not deemed to be smart enough to see how it is so obvious a connection between the two.




3 Responses

  1. Hiya from Sweden! I have found your domain on msn. Handful content! Angela E. King x

  2. This is more government jobs being created and causing more private jobs to be lost.

  3. great stuff! Keep up the good work! I like what you’re thinking kid.

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