Joe Biden Correct – Too Many Democrats Were Elected

It would appear even Ol-Joe is capable of profound insight – when talking about the upcoming elections in November, he conceeds the Dems will loose seats.  But not because of the Health Care vote, not because they have completely ignored the massive outcry – but because … well…let him explain it.

“It was gigantic (Obama’s election causing the biggest turnout).  And a lot of really good Democrats got washed up on shore and all of a sudden were Congressmen, in districts that Democrats have no business having Congressmen.”

You know what Joe?  You’re absolutely right – there are districts which shouldn’t have Democrats as Congressmen.  219 districts for starts.  One in California which has the Madam Speaker, in particular.

And when the balance tips back to the Republicans, an “intellectual” explanation like the one you just gave, isn’t going to be the reason.  It’s going to be because of another profound insight you shared:

“The American people are smart,” Biden said.  “They smell a rat.”

They most certainly do sir…they most certainly do. 




One Response

  1. Biden reminds me of Dan Quayle and believe me that’s a negative.

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