DC Asylum presents “Inroducing Fairness to the Blogosphere”

(Gibbs):  His Presidency is happy to announce he will be the one to bring  Fairness and Balance in Perspective to the internet.

(Reporter):  Is this because a majority of the Blog-osphere is in direct disagreement with his policies?

(Gibbs):  Oh no Glenn, the President is above petty insult from any racist community – besides, as President, he feels it is beneath the dignity of his office to even acknowledge the operatves of the special interest groups.

(Reporter):  If he is not concerned with this, then why does he want to introduce new legislation?

(Gibbs):  Once again, you miss the point – this has nothing to do with his Presidency.  This is about bringing about Fairness and Balance to the perspectve being carried on.  To believe otherwise, is utterly preposterous.

(Reporter):  Again, if he is not concerned about a blog-osphere hostile to his administration, then why is he introducing this legislation?

(Gibbs):  As President, he is the overall Chief Executive Administrato for the FCC.  And the internet does make use of fiber optic telephone lines, so it is all within his authority to determine the best use for a service which is so essential to everyone’s citizenship.

(Reporter):  Assuming something like this can even be passed by Congress, exactly how does he propose to bring about Fairness and Balance to the internet?

(Gibbs):  That is simple – he has consulted with Homeland Security and they assure him they will are able to monitor all web sites for their traffic.  Each site will be allocated a pre-determined amount of traffic, and once this level is achieved, the site will be shut down until a web site with a prevailing counterpoint has reached an equal amount.

(Reporter):  Homeland Security?  Do they see the blog-osphere as a threat to American security?

(Gibbs):  people shouting “Fire” in a crowded theater is a threat to the well being of others.  This is no different, and the Constitutional scholars at Podunk Community College are in agreement – this is Constitutional.”

(Reporter):  But Homeland Security?

(Gibbs):  Once again, you are forgetting that Our President strongly recommends we not focus on “Procedure”, but just trust him to have the best interest for all in mind.

True – this is so full of sarcasm, if anyone thinks this is “actually” happening, they might want to change the aluminum foil under their baseball cap.  But on the other hand, we still have 2 plus years of having to endure this administration.  No telling what all of the tomorrows may bring…




2 Responses

  1. It appears to me if there interest is in stymying internet blogs and not other information flowing across the web they may be treading on our free speech!

  2. Fairness and balance to these people just means silencing the opposition. Internet, talk radio and Fox News can’t be gone soon enough for them.

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