Watch Out – There’s Gonna Be a Convoy

How many times have we heard “those Tea Party rallies” don’t have a large crowd.  Well, maybe this isn’t one of those “Million Man” marches.  And maybe it’s not even 100,00.  But look at the picture and tell me that is an insubstantial crowd.

That’s Searchlight Nevada – call it… the Starting Point.  Back in the 70s there was a pretty good song by C.W. McCall – “Convoy”.  Some of you might remember it, some might not.  Even became a movie (for those who have NetFlix).

Now take a look at this Mobile Home… see the map?  That’s the route this bus will be taking.  Seachlight was the starting point, and DC is where it will end on April 15.  And every one of those dots is another city, another crowd.  Anyone want to take a bet the crowds will continue to get larger?

And when you’re looking at all of this, remember this one VERY important fact.  April 15 2010, the movement is only one year old.  Look at how far it has come so far.  The Dems think they can minimalize this?  Not a chance.  The Dems think they can marginalize this?  Even less chance.  Last tactic – make everyone look like they are whackos hell bent on burning down the capital.

So it wouldn’t surprise me as the bus gets closer… the obstacles will start coming out.  Might even see a concentrated effort to stop the bus from travelling.  National Security, of course.



2 Responses

  1. Demonize the opposition, do what they do best.

    I have the song “Convoy” on my ipod. 🙂

  2. Nice articles, but I am not clear about the point you mentioned about how to distinguish fake and real cheap one.

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