See Who Really Doesn’t Care about “Procedures”

Does anyone remember a seven hour marathan mini-drama on TV a few weeks ago?  To be more precise, one where Snowbama argued “The American people aren’t interested in “Procedure”?  Did anyone really think Snowbama would limit himself to making an end run on procedures to just one time?

Well, today we wake up and find out, Congress has head home to try to convince their batch of Obama-zombies that the Health Care vote not only was a “victory”, but please..please…pretty pretty please…don’t let those “whackos” in the Tea Party vote us out.

And while their out trying to do damage-control and spin-control, what does their fearless leader decide to do?  If you guessed “make another end run on Procedures” – move to the front of the line.

Snowbama decided to use “Recess Apointment” as a tactic to move his agenda.  And then, he wants to “Scold” the GOP.  It’s not his fault – it’s the GOP’s fault.  See, the evidence is George W had “less” appointments being held up by Congress than he did.  That’s proof that all of this is “personal”.  We’ll get a chance to hear more of his “whining” later today when his interview with CNN airs.  (Anyone want to take a wager on who CNN will portray as the vicitm and who they will portray as the villian?)

Is Snowbama alone in blaming the GOP?

“Regretably, Senate Republicans have dedicated themselves to a failed strategy to cripple President Obama’s economic initiatives by stalling key administration nominees at every turn,”  – Reid

This one goes out to Reid – all you’re really saying is that you really have as much control over the Senate as you should.  But then again, all those sweet heart deals you tried to use to get Health Care through, it’s obvious none of the Dems are believing any promises you make if you ask them the rise up and challenge the Republicans.

Second, there might be a good reason the Republicans are fighting this one.  Ever hear this one “it’s not good for the country.”.  Especially when you take the top lawyer of one of the most radical unions and make him the political appointment for the governement agency which is going to tell business what they can and can not do when they run into a brick wall during union negotiations.  Anyone want to take a guess how unbiased Becker is going to be?

But you know what is really telling?  Not only the fact that the Republicans have been able to hold him off this long, but that he’s sunk to a new low.  Yes, the procedure is there.  Yes, it allows the President to make appointments during the Congressional recess.  But is this what it was for?  To basically ignore the “advise and consent” portion of the Constitution?  Because rememember, this was meant to give the President the ability to do so, when waiting for Congress to reconvene outweighed the necessity for having the appointment.  Example… if Congress is out for the next two months, and we were having another Katrina scale emergency, do you want the President waiting that long before he is able to fill the vacancy at FEMA?  Obviously not – and this is why a recess appointment is legal.

Once again, Snowbama not only demonstrates he is perfectly happy to utilize the “Letter of the Law” even if it bears no resemblance to the “Spirit of the Law”; he has also made it clear “Procedure” means zilch when it stands in his way.  And so what if it violates central principles of the Constitution. 

After all, He’s President…. remember … “I won the election”.  (translate: I get a free pass to do whatever I want).




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  1. This is just another example of BO & Co being for something after they were against it. Their hypocrisy is astounding.

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