Now Cuba is Our Standard to Match

Great thing about editorial cartoons – they truly are a picture worth a thousand words.  But in this case, I won’t have to use so many words to make the point.

Does anyone remember the recent “Cold Snap” which shut down DC?  Does anyone remember during that same time, there were news stories coming out of Cuba, about people in hospitals freezing to death?  Yes… Cuba is so much more advanced than we are. 

Now ask yourself this – how many new pharmacuticals have come out of this country?  Weapons – plenty.  New drugs – zero.    Or maybe we should count how CAT-Scan devices there are for every 10,000 per capita and then compare it to the US.  Not even a close match.  But hey – free health care is all that matters, right?

I want to thank HEW for sending me this cartoon.  And he’s right -it’s not “A Majority” of citizens who are going to benefit.  This was all about that 43 million who didn’t have (and in a counry of over 300 million, that’s no where near “Majority” – unless your using a Democrat calculator).

And last, they may have given their citizens free health care 50 years before the US…. but never forget what else happened 50 years ago in that country.  Never forget how many thousands of their own citizens they stood up against the wall.  Yeah – compare us to Totalitarian dictatorship.  Typical liberal doesn’t want to have that part of their fantasy mentioned.  After all – the right to free health care is more important than the right to a fair trial, or the right to criticize your own government without having to worry about ending up with a blindfold.

What a victory – Coverage.  At the expense of Cost and Quality.  And if anyone thinks those two areas won’t be affected – then keep on drinking the Kool-Aid – reality is heading your way.  Of course, when you get lower quality medical care, don’t object.  You know Momma always said – can’t have your cake and eat it too.

Remember…I said political cartoons are worth a thousand words?  Then this one has to be worth a thousand plus and I’ll raise it another 2,000 words.




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