No Such Thing as “Government Too Big”

How about this one? “With Every Intervention, Concern Builds Over Size of Federal Government”

First off, for any liberals who read this blog and react like Vampires in the presence of a Crucifix when they are exposed to FoxNews, yes…the article comes from Fox.  But you know what -we’ll never see this type of poll on CNN or MSNBC.

Seems 78% of Americans think the Feds have gotten just a bit too big.  Now, before you say that’s all ill-informed conservatives (true, 84% of the Republicans would agree with this – the other 16% are RINOs).  But don’t miss the part which says 43% of the Democrats are feeling this way as well (what do you know – there is a bit of sanity remaining on the Left).

What’s scary is the 30% who are “comfortable” with the size of government.  (I wonder if that represents the 30% who either hold a government job because there is nothing in the private market they can strive for, or those who know they are taken care of, from cradle to grave, that don’t object).

They tell us they “have” to do it – always want to play the “hero”.  Their “bailouts” and constantly increasing “interventions” are the only thing keeping America from having to stand in soup-lines. (yeah-let’s ratchet up the scare-you button).  And if we try to say they are trying to take over the economy, what does the Progressive say?

“The goal is not excercise control over the economy.  The goal is to help people who don’t have jobs, are in danger of loosing their homes and can’t have access, don’t have access to health care.”

Let’s see…the only way you can guarantee someone won’t loose their job, won’t loose their home, and will still have health care, is to do just that – take control of the economy.  When you don’t let a business fail, and then intervene, that’s what you’re doing – trying to control the direction of the economy.  And when your actions set off a reaction, then you step in again, and try to control another part of the economy.  And before long… you’re trying to “stabilize” segments.

Not trying to control the economy is a simple case of semantics.  It’s like saying “we’re not trying to win the war, we just want to make sure we don’t loose.

And does anyone want to take a guess when you continue to spend more money than is drawn in?  It’s called debt.  And before long, trying to stimulate the economy has to take a back seat to just being able to service that debt.




3 Responses

  1. Government IS to big and the Pres is putting more on the payroll as Czar’s and you can guess it each one of them will need a blown up staff with the staff needing a staff.

    • Nah!! Say it won’t happen! After all, this is the President who lets his wife have a staff of 24 private secretaries! And since she has no public function or responsibilities, I won’t even take a guess how big the staff is that he gives the Czars.


  2. What does Raul think Cuba is, anyways? A family business? He has been speaking out lately on the subject of human rights when he and his brother rule over their fiefdom like a couple of Egyptian potentates. Is human BLOOD divine in Cuba? Is it a racist regime? Is only the name CASTRO of sufficient stock to rule? I don’t understand the very nature of this government and as an American am curious and outraged simultaneously.

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