Soon to Be “Public Threat Number One”



One of my good friends gave me a call today – asked me to check out a web page he thought I might find interesting.

It seems Obama believes the Tea Party is built around a core group who question whether he is a U.S citizen or a Socialist.  Now… here’s the rub.  He goes on to say “folks have legitimate concerns”…. but instead of saying the Tea Party has at its fringe some folks we might all take a double take… the movement has them at the core.

The center.

Built around.

Very neat – the way he goes about laying the ground work for marginalizing the Tea Party.  Yes – there’s been the accusation of “N” word being shouted, of someone spitting at a Congressman, even pictures of broken windows… all laid at the footstep of the Tea Party, but all unproven. 

My main point – he deliberatly avoids referring to these types as “fringe” elements attracted to the Tea Party rallies, but says this is the core element.  The center-piece.  And before long, this idea will take hold with all of mainstream media.   It won’t be long before you go to talking to one of your neighbors about government getting too big, or incumbents who refuse to listen to their own constituents, or how the political process is all about using stimulus money to buy the votes needed to pass the Progressive agenda… well… before you can even get that far, you’re probably going to see him recoil, as if you asked him to bring a five gallon can of gas to the next cross burning.

Not being marginalized….now the tactic is to be “stigmatized”.

He says the Tea Party is about people questioning his legitimacy – once again, I, I, I and Me, Me, Me.  The Tea Party isn’t about Obama.  It’s about a government that has lost touch with the principles this country was founded on.  It’s about people havig a genuine concern for the back-breaking debt we are passing on to generations not even born.  It’s about objecting to Government villify success and want to punish the achiever.

False Fear…. that’s what this is all about.




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