“No” is NOT an Insult

Lately, the President has taken to calling the GOP the “Party of No”.  Of course, the editorial cartoons do a fine job of showing their support by portraying this as a negative image.

But is saying “No” something to be ashamed of?

Let’s look at the reasons we say “No” throughout our lives.

We want to avoid being ripped off – this is why we tell telemarketers “No”, when they call and want to offer term life insurance for only $1.

We want to avoid being harmed – this is why we teach our children to say “No” to drugs.

We want to avoid being forced to do something against our will – this is why we teach our sons to respect their girlfriends when she says “No”.

We want to avoid giving up what we cherish – this is why some of us arm ourselves – so we can have more than a word to say, when the burglar breaks into our home.

Why do we say “No” to Snow-Bamas Health Care?  To avoid being ripped off, to avoid harming ourselves, to avoid being coerced and to avoid giving up what we cherish – our liberty and our freedom to choose.




3 Responses

  1. My husband and I have had this discusion. If politicians actually had a spine they would be out there telling people they’re proud to be the party of no.

    There is a lot to say no to.

    • Nika – hadn’t seen any comments lately, am very glad to see you’re still stopping by! You and your husband are absolutely correct, saying No is nothing to be ashamed off.

      And yeah – having a job is a good thing – until the alarm goes off! *laugh*


  2. Excellent post, Tex!

    Conservatism is all about preserving the things in our culture that are good and beautiful. We have to say “no” to those who want to expediently and “fundamentally change America.”

    To President Obama and the Democrats I don’t just say no, I say “Hell no!”

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