Sorry for the Absence

On most days, I like to write at least three posts.  Some days, the Dems just make it easy to hit that goal. And other days, the Dems make it so easy, it becomes hard, because now it becomes a matter of having to choose what to write.

But I’ve been a bit on the absent side over the last few days – the reason for that, part of my job is to investigate industrial type accidents.  Fortunately, no one has been injured, but none the less, I needed to complete the process and see what lessons we could learn from the last two accidents.  So, I’ve been doing a bit of travelling, and haven’t been able to stay on-line as much as I want to.

I’m going to do the best I can to write more often – but at the same time, I already know I’ll be leaving my office, and having to travel to another country, which has even less infrstructure than this one.  A new client for our company, and still many details to work out before we put men in the field.

But if everything goes alright, I should still have some time to write some posts each day.  Just have to stay plugged into the news – and on this side of the world, the news access is a challenge. 

So… I want to thank everyone who still continued to stop by and see if there was anything new.  I appreciate the emails, and I still enjoy the many conversations!




3 Responses

  1. No need to apologize, at least you have a job!

  2. I understand the difficulty of balancing life with blogging.
    It’s great to have you back, Tex.

    • Sure am glad I’ve been able to find a bit of time. Soon, I’ll be finished up and able to head home for a short break. And you know that means….. blog, blog, blog!


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