Not the time to listen to “Experts”

OneToughMomma sent me an interesting story from her part of the country.  Seems some of the folks down in Mississippi have decided it is high time to file a lawsuit against Snowbama and his admin over the Health Care Reform.

We’ve already heard about a number of states doing this, but this appears to be the first time private citizens have decided to do the same.  And what do the so called “experts” have to say?

“Many experts have stated such lawsuits will fail as the Constitution allows Congress to regulate interstate commerce and collect taxes.”

But if you listen to their argument, they aren’t saying Congress doesn’t have a right to collect tax, nor does it lack the power to regulate commerce.  The part they are saying is unconstitutional, is the ability to mandate.  Folks, mandate is just another word for “Compel”. 

Every bit of power the government has, comes from the people.  And we, by consent, have agreed to allow Congress to collect taxes.  But no where in this social compact, did we grant them the power to mandate, compel or dictate, what we are to purchase.

So, I’m not ready to listen to the “experts”.  Especially when they don’t see any difference between “regulate” and “compell”.  But one statement from the legal community has a bit of truth:

“There is no consensus among law experts, however, and most agree the health care moves Congress into new territory.”

New territory all right!  Territory the Founders were extremely careful to avoid.  This is why they wrote the Constitution to give the states all the rights they have not spelled out.  They fought a revolution for liberty, and the ability to pursue self-deterrmination.  Both of which are at polar opposites of “mandate”.

Their right… the legal experts haven’t agreed.  And the only legal experts who truly matter, are the nine who sit at the highest court.  As much as Snowbama doesn’t care about “process”, his agenda is on a collision course with the high court.





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