Another Congressman puts his foot in his mouth

It seems the Tea Party has gotten under the skin of Representative Phil Hare.  When asked  which part of the Constitution authorizes Congress to mandate compulsory purchases, Hare let his true side show.

“I dont worry about the Constitution”

And when one fine, upstanding truly concerned ctizen, Adam Sharp, called him on this, the “representative” for Illinois said he was more interested in caring about the people who didn’t have health insurance.  What he probably didn’t realize is what he just said.  He was putting “HC” above “Constitution”.  But bravo to Mr Sharp for being true to his name – he was sharp and he caught it.

“You care more about that than the U.S Constitution that you swore to uphold?”

That would be a big “oooooppps” moment for the Congressman.  He was probably asking himself “how did I get here?  Why didn’t I see that one coming?  Where’s my phone?  I need to call Obama and see what I’m supposed to say now – he said people would agree with us – that proviiding HC was more important than process…..dang dang dang…hellllllppp”

Thinkng quick on his feet, Rep. Hare fired back the “door-closer” argument.  He was probably thinking “so, this moron wants to talk about Constitution to me? Me?  I’m a Congressman!  I AM the Constitution.”

“I believe it says we have the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.”

I’m pretty sure Rep. Hare was thinking “there you go! It’s right there in the Constitution! Na-Nah Na-Nah, Naaaa-Nah!”

Only problem -that’s the Constitution.  That’s the Declaration of Independence.  And you call yourself a “Defender”?  Of what? Because Congressman Hare – you don’t even know the basics.  I’m waiting for you to say “And FDR said ‘Four score and seven years ago”, when he ended World War One”.

You sir… just need to go chin-up, pull back the shoulders and stand proud when you read your retirement speech come November.




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  1. I saw the video. Rep. Hare is a true Progressive. You can tell because he ‘cares’ so much and that’s all that matters. They have no use for our Constitution.

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