Progressives are…. Elitist


How many times have we heard someone who identifies himself as “Progressive” say something like “I’m fighting for the common man with no voice.”  He really wants you to think he has everyone’s best interest at heart.   He wants to wrap himself with the label of “Populist”, but this is no where near the truth.

See… the Progressive will then start touting “reform”.  And then start using phrases like “Redistribution of Wealth”. 

Well guess what… if you believe there are those who are “have’s” and those who are “have-nots”, but then decide you are the person who will “solve” this, that’s the attitude of the Elitist.  The very identification they claim to be against.  The comman man versus the pampered elite.

But in order to impliment any form of redistribution of wealth, the Progress places himself in the position of being the one who decides who it is who must “give up” and who it is who will be allowed to “receive the bounty”.  And this means the Progressive already believes he is better than both groups.  Better able to decide what a person needs, better able to decide how much a person should be allowed to keep, better able to make the decisions.  Especially…. for the little man. 

The last thing you will ever hear an Elitist say, is he is a “servant of the people”.  And while you may hear a Progressive make claim he “serves the people”, rather than put forth a solution which “serves the people”, he will propose, endorse, and fight for whatever it takes to achieve his “elitist” opinion of what Utopia should look like, and will introduce solutions in which the people end up “serviing the solution”. 




2 Responses

  1. Joe Biden, Nancy Herself and the Pres all think taking from those who have prepared themselves for a better life for their families and giving to those who haven’t is fair. I say to them you make me sick.

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