Don’t get suckered by the new Drilling Announcement

Sure, friends of mine have been telling me “have you seen the news?  Obama is going to let them drill off the coast of Virginia!” 

And I’ve seen the headlines.  But I’ve also seen headlines saying Elvis was seen dancing with Monroe, and their love child is living on a UFO.

Folks – with this man, there is always an ulterior motive.  How about checking out “Obama’s False Promise on Offshore Drilling”.  You might find that this is nothing more than a “I need your vote, so I’ll give you this is you give me what I want.”

Better yet… if you think I am being too cynical (I know, typical Tea Party Conservative – not giving him a chance).  Remember, this is the same guy who only three weeks ago had Interior Secretary Ken Salazar “quitely” tell reporters the six-month delay in approving leases, would now become a three year ban.  And that was March 10th.  So…what happened to the three year ban?  I believe the article headline says it all. (The Obama Moratorium: No offshore drilling while he’s in office)

Maybe the most important statement of the whole article is the closing quote:

“So for the next three years and probably more, trillions of dollars in domestic energy assets will remain untouched while billions of dollars are spent on foreign oil.”

But don’t worry – if Americans aren’t allowed to drill in their own waters, someone else will be allowed to.   You may want to check out “China’s push for oil in the Gulf of Mexico puts U.S. in akward spot.”

Akward?  Only thing akward is trying to explain to Americans why it will be alright for the Chinese to drill, but not for any Americans.  I wonder if it has anything to do with all the U.S debt China is  holding.




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