Easter at the White House

If you were to ask my wife, there are a few special days I like to remember.  The birthdays of my sons, my wedding anniversary, July 4th, Veteran’s Day, and Easter.  Nope – Christmas is “special”, and while the day is full of joy, it is Easter that leaves me humble… it’s the “Mission Accomplished” date.

He is risen.

But, today I’m not able to spend this day with my family.  So, while most are celebrating with their own family traditions, I’m a few thousand miles away.  It’s part of what I do, and we’ve learned to accept it.  On the other hand, maybe there is one reason I’m glad I’m not back in the states. 

This way, I don’t have to watch Snowbama turn this day into a “political statement”.  Last year – egg roll, but only the children of same-sex marriages.  Not that I expect this “The-morning-call-to-prayer-is-the-most-beautiful-sound-in-the-world”, wolf in sheep’s clothing, Jeremiah Wright baptised “Christian” to be celebrating today for any other reason than self-promotion.

Because I’m about 12 hours behind in the news, I’m really curious as to what “special” way he has found to celebrate it.  Someone tell me – nail a quick post – get my blood boiling!  If we had an office pool – I would say he’s probably going to invite only children of parents who have lost their houses due to being bankrupted by not being able to pay the hospital bills because they forgot to cross the T’s on their insurance application.

Yeah… the Easter Bunny don’t like you Snowbama.   Want to take a guess why?




2 Responses

  1. Only public school kids were invited to the Easter egg roll. Private or parochial school kids were not…

    And I think the stupid eggs are made out of recycled wood or something equally weird.

    • Well, that figures…. wouldn’t want something “edible”, not if it means having to attach a three foot banner to each egg outlining how many calories, trans-fats, and surgeon general warnings. After all, wouldn’t want to be in violation of their own Health Care bill which will now require the same for every drive through window, and vending machine.

      Would we?


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