Progressives are … Arrogant


A lot of what the Progressive says, just stems from plain arrogance.  Try to show them how their ideas have been tried before and failed miserably, and they will give you a list of reasons on how they will do it different, so they can succeed.

Basically, their saying those who’ve already tried Socialism, weren’t smart enough to make it work.  But they are.  They believe they are smarter, and won’t make the same mistakes the others have.  And why do they think this way  Because they have to.   If they don’t delude themselves into believing they are smarter, then they would have to face the cold reality, that they too, will bring out a system which will only collapse as well.

But it’s not just their insisting that they can do it better.  It’s also seen in the banner they lift up – “The common man”.  Who are they to decide who the “little man” is?   They can point to a person’s bank account and say “he has nothing, he’s the little man I’m talking about”.  What they don’t want you to realize they are also saying is this “without me, you can’t succeed”.


And then they say “We speak for those with no voice”.  Sure… they portray the downtrodden as being those with no voice.  Never acknowledging history is replete with examples of the downtrodden rising up and overthrowing the shackles.  

They definitly don’t want to you to remember that one of the cornerstones of a free society is for anyone to have an opinion.  And good or bad, this is still a country in which any man can write a letter to the editor, call a talk radio show, or even write a blog and express his thoughts.  

Everyone already has a voice.  But the Progressive wants you to believe you have none.  Why?  Because they want to be your voice.  They want to speak for you.  Which on the surface, sounds altruistic. 

However, if you already have a voice, why would someone feel he needs to speak for you?  Why?  Because that same person thinks you are incapable of being able to reason, and to speak for yourself.   In other words, at the base of all this, the Progressive truly believes the common man is too stupid to know what to say, or how to organize, or how to even express his dissatisfaction.

So, every time you hear the Progressive say he speaks for another, ask yourself this, this other person – why isn’t he speaking out?  Because if he was dissatisfied, our own nature would compel us to speak up.  No… the Progressive believes the only reason you haven’t is because you aren’t smart enough to figure things out for  yourself, nor are you capable of doing so without leadership.

And leadership is what they want.  The Progressive doesn’t want to “serve” the people – he wants to “lead”.   And over and over, he convinces himself that he can do this, because the common man is too stupid to stand up for himself.




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