17 Minutes and 14 Seconds of Tap Dancing

Imagine you are one of those in the audience at Celgard, waiting to hear Snowbama answer questions.  What would you think when you hear Ms. Joyce Ravis step up and ask what has to be the perfect question:
“In the economy times that we have now, is it a wise decision to add more taxes to us with the health care, because we are over taxed as it is”.

Set your watches – it’s going to take 17 minutes and 14 seconds for Snowbama to tap dance, shuffle, and do everything he can to avoid saying “Yes” .. or even “No”.

First.. he dances to the left and brings up the 15 million – reminding everyone, this is for them.  And if they ever find themselves on the wrong side of a heavy medical bill, they would answer “Yes”.  He calls this “the Moral Imperative”.    This means he is taking the high road, and anyone who disagrees, is an immoral person.  Selfish, greedy, uncaring.  Want more adjectives?

But he still hasn’t answered the question about how wise it is to run the ship of the economy over the sand banks.

Then he talks about how the cost of health care is out of control.  Hhhmmm… I seem to remember, it is the hospital that produces the cost – the insurance carrier is the means we use to pay the bill.  The same bill from the hospital.  So.. this isn’t just about 15mil without insurance, it’s about slashing those hospital bills.  But you don’t hear any of the Progessives villifying doctors or hospitals.  You don’t hear Snowbama talking about the high 6 digit salaries doctors have.  And why not?  Because it’s a lot easier to go after the insurance company.  Much easier to make them look like they have the business ethics of a used car salesman, than it is to tarnish the image of the doctor.  After all – it’s the doctor who saved your life, its the insurance company that has to pay the bill.  Want to take a guess which one Snowbama is counting on you to join him in hating?

But he still hasn’t said if it is wise or not to place a heavy weight on the economy, just when everyone really needs it to start running harder.

He starts off by pulling at the heart string, now he has to shift gears and talk about what a great piece of legislation this is.  And how does he do this?

“Allows everybody to buy into this pool – that members of Congress, by the way, will be part of, so you know its going to be a good deal, because members of Congress, you know, they’ve got to look out for their own families.”

How about we do a double take on that one, Snowbama.  “Congress Won’t Eat its Own Cooking”

“Under the new law, they get to keep the insurance they already have, so long as it’s the ‘minimum essential coverage'”

What this means Snowbama, is as long as Congressmen have minimal coverage (which they not only have, they have coverage that very few Americans can even dream about), they don’t have to play.  So, stop telling America that they are going to get the same coverage as Congress.  Because you know they won’t.

And this is why Senators Charles Grassley (R-IA) and Tom Coburn (R-Okla) are pushing for an amendment which would require everyone (President, cabinet, Congress, Czars, and even their staff), to have to buy health insurance in the new exchanges set up under Snowbama’s plan.

Still hasn’t said Yes  or No…but he does say something very telling:

“so our hope is that over time, over the next three, four, five, six years, that we’ve actually saved money.”

Stop.  Hope?  You HOPE it will save money?  Sorry – i buy a lottery ticket and I hope I will win, but I don’t make it the center point of my retirement plan.  Snowbama, if you’re taking over 1/6th of the economy, you better be counting on more than HOPE that it will work.  And after watching big companies like AT&T, Verizon and 3M already step up and say how it will have a negative impact on their bottom line, it sounds like you’re hoping that the cost savings will not only offset the taxes, but will make up for the damage it’s going to do to business.

what’s with this weak analogy of the hole in the roof?  The problem there, is a proper analogy would be this “one house in a neighborhood of 50 houses has a hole in the roof – since the one home owner cant’ fix the hole, we’ll take 50$ from everyone of the other 49 houses, fix the hole, and the whole neighborhood benefits because now they don’t have a neighbor with a torn down house dragging down their property values.  So, for 50$, they can earn another 1,000$ when they do sell their house.”

sorry, it doesn’t work that way, and second – how many other ways are you going to come over to the neighbors with new “fix-it” problems for that one particular house.  Maybe next time, every neighbor’s bill will be $75 dollars, and when that’s not enough, come back for $150.  It will never end.

Someone “needs”…. you “take”….. and you have the audacity to call this “moral imperative”?

Oh…and please… cut it out with this Pay-As-You-Go…because your own party is still passing emergency bills for unemployment, but not wanting to adhere to this.  This is just another slogan that sounds good while you hand out the Kool-Aid.  You know it’s not being applied, but you have no qualms acting as if it is.

Look…I could go on and on.  On how you complain about the one trillion dollar deficit you inherited, but then two minutes later, boast about the nearly-one trillion dollars you gave away in forms of stimulus. (hey…if it was good, why are we still in a slump? Bet that was another one of those “let’s roll the dice and hope it works out”)

Bottom line… you yammer on for 17 minutes…and you still can’t make it simple… next time, just say “Yes, I think raising taxes, even in this economy, is a good thing”.  Stop tap-dancing.

No… on the other hand…keep it up.  You’re making November that much more likely to be a clean sweep.  And then it’s time to start another countdown – 2012.




3 Responses

  1. My husband turned me onto you after I expressed an interest in these issues. It’s not everyday I agree with him, but he sure was right about your blog. Keep the posts coming!

  2. Without a doubt my personal view 17 Minutes and 14 Seconds of Tap Dancing A-Files' Blog – All American, Apple Pie, Angry as Heck! could be described as a surprisingly well written message. Without a doubt really worth referfing to as well as definitely worth referfing to http://theafiles.com/2010/04/05/17-minutes-and-14-seconds-of-tap-dancing as a result. All the best, Stewart Punt

  3. Great article, but a frustrating read, due to the lack of proper punctuation in a lot of spots. Please close your quotations! If this article is following some sort of nouveau grammatical style, of which I’m not aware, I remain frustrated; however, I apologize.

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