The “Progressives … Live In Denial

Let’s be honet… the “Progressive” denounces the free-market, and applauds economic models most of us recognize for what it is – Socialism.

So let’s look at the Progressive.  He continues to chase after this Utopian Society, as if they are the first to conceive of a means of achieving it.  But true to form, the Progressive lives with his head buried under the sands of history.

See, he won’t acknowledge history.  He will go on and on about what “can be”, and “what should be”, all the time pushing an agenda which can only be achieve through socialism.  Yet, he doesn’t want to mention the many, many times this has already been tried.  He doesn’t want to recognize what’s already happened, and the catastrophic failures of these systems.

How many countries have tried to impliment socialism, only to collapse.  How many countries have left a monarchy and embraced Democracy.  The right to vote, to be able to have self-determination – this is the factor which seperates countries which thrive from those who wither away.  Does anyone remember a famous world leader saying his country would bury the US in the dustbin of history?  How wrong he was…but still..the Progressive won’t see it this way.

What he will say, is those systems failed “because of…” and then add a long list.  At the end of the argument, all they are trying to say is they believe the others failed because of a flaw in their plan, making mistakes the Progressive believes he can avoid.  Basically, the Progressive says “it will work this time because we are smarter than the others who’ve tried this.” 

And if you’ve read “Progressives are… Arrogant”, you already know what I think of this response.

With the work I do, we have a saying: “The definition of Insanity is doing the same thing again, and expecting a different result.”. 




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  1. As I’ve said many times during my lifetime you have to work/think smarter/harder to prepare yourself for a better life. And, I think that still stands, but for those that do, to see it shared by so many others don’t /haven’t makes me sick.

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