Progressives are … Intellectually Dishonest

Let’s face it… Progressives have a lot of ideas.  But, when you look at these ideas, there is a marked absence of an honest assesment.

Take “Utopia” – that they can recreate society to where everyone has everything they need.  For starters, they won’t say that “need” and “want” are two completely different concepts.  Second, when it comes to “need”, it’s not you who decides what you need, it is the Progressive who decides what you need.

Not very honest.

And another thing they are not being honest about, and that is their assessment of man’s own nature.  They act as if greed, and self-preservation are intellectual concepts which can be overcome, with just the right program, and enough money put behind their ideas. 

Not only do they ignore the dark side of man’s own heart, they won’t be honest about the place they want to take us.  Look at the example of “Fair”.  For you and I, fair means it is good for you, and it is good for me. 

But apply “Fair” to “Redistribution of Wealth”.  The arrogant, elitist, Progressive is taking the high road – he wants to be the one who arbitrates what is fair and what is not fair.  And so be it if it’s not good for both.  They get to decide “who” gives up, and who “receives”.  They decide how much you have to give up.

Let’s look at it this way – if I had 100 dollars, and you had none – if I choose to give you 50, that’s my choice.  I do this because I want to do this.  In other words, my actions have my own consent.   But redistribution of wealth is not about both parties consenting.  Of course, it’s already assumed the recipient will consent, but they know the one who has to give up, just might not consent.  So they have to compel.

Compel and Consent are not the same.

And any system which compels, is not based on Fairness.  So stop letting the Progressive warp the word Fair, and let’s call it what it is – state enfored legislative robbery.   Yes – robbery.   Theft.  Stealing.

The Progressive might not want you to see it this way, but this is what it is.  Imagine it this way – if you were a store owner, and you have a cash drawer full of money, and I want to give it to my neighbor, but I take it without your consent, then this is theft. 

No matter how altruistice the Progressive make their programs sound, when you take without consent, then it is theft.  It might not be armed robbery, but it is theft none the less.




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  1. What can i say?…insurance asbolutely stinks, and i just cant help but get the feeling that the minute a young driver calls up for a quote, the guy on the other end of the line is rubbing his hands together in preparation for the doing-over that the innocent caller is about to recieve.

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