DC Asylum Presents “Redistribution of the GPA”

I seem to remember Snowbama touting how he was once a professor.  I wonder if we looked, would we have found subtle clues as to what he had in mind for the American economy…

Student:  Uhm… Professor Obama…. I was wondering if I could ask about the grade you gave me….

Professor:  Yes… what about it?

Student:  Well, every paper I’ve written, you’ve given it the highest marks, and I’ve never scored less than a 96 on any of your tests…

Professor:  True, you are one of the hardest working students in any of my classes.  What’s the problem?

Student:  I don’t understand why my transcripts only show a 3.4.  I don’t understand.

Professor:  I just want to be fair.

Student:  But why isn’t my GPA equal to my test scores?

Professor:  Well, as you know… Bubba has been struggling with the class, and he was in danger of failing out.  In fact, he only had a 1.1 GPA, and he needs a 2.5 to be able to maintain his sports scholarship.

Student:  But professor, I work hard for my grades.  Bubba…he doesn’t study at all.  He just hangs out at the gym.

Professor:  Now, there you go, stereotyping the less fortunate.  All I’m trying to do is level the playing field.

Student:  But professor Obama, I study 6 hours a day.  Every day!

Professor:  Oh, Glenn… you’re not taking into account how many opportunities you’ve had given to you.  You have all the advantages.  And even after I take some of your GPA and give it to Bubba, you will still be far ahead of him.  No, this is the fair thing to do.

Student:  But this is my grade.  I shouldn’t have to give up my hard work!

Professor:  That’s where you’re wrong.   The grade is mine to give – you haven’t “earned” anything.  You’ve just been able to benefit from all the advantages given to you.

Student:  I want my grade back!

Professor:  No Glenn….I was elected Presi…Professor.  That says all that needs to be said.

Well, I wonder how long the student is going to keep studying as hard as she did before.  Or worse… will she still continue to even stay in this school?  And what’s to say Bubba isn’t going to need “more” help come next year.  After all, why study, when the Professor is there to play nanny, all the way through school?




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  1. THANK YOU for posting this! I really like your blog!!

    Common Cents

    ps. Link Exchange?

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