Life’s Lessons from the Passenger Seat of a 747

Once again, I’ve spent the last few days flying back and forth between one third-world country and another.  Back and Forth.  Back and Forth.

So, here I am, sitting on the airplane, when I begin to understand how the airplane is a good example of a good model to explain where we are going with all of this nanny-state mentality.  The ones who create the wealth, and the State wanting to use that wealth to take care of others.

It’s quite simple – the plane would be the taxes drawn by the “wealthy”.  Actually, it’s not so much the plane itself, it’s the engines.  The more powerful the engines, the farther the plane can travel and the faster it can get there. 

Then there is the welfare side of the plane.  There’s no point in building the engine, if there are not going to be any “passengers”. 

Well, in Snowbama’s world, as long as there are engines on the plane, we can fill the plane.  Empty seats?  Load more passengers.  When the engineers designed the plane, they put in 40 rows, each row with 8 seats.  Still have more passengers?  Then restructure the seating.  320 seats was good at first, but now we need 350 seats.

Solution – why have 30 inches in between the rows, when 24 inches will help build a few more rows. 

And that’s the thing with Politicians – they come in, and they “build” a system, but the passenger load continues to grow.  So, they have to “redistribute” the benefits, which means “less available”, for the good of “adding more”.

And the second thing the Politician refuses to recognize – those engines, it doesn’t matter how many passengers are on board.  At some point, the combined weight exceeds the ability for the plane to be able to lift off the ground. 

But try telling that to a politician.  They only see the inside of the cabin.  They don’t want to admit there are limitiations to the engine.  That the greater the weight load, the more thrust which is needed.  And eventually, the pilot flying the plane is running the engine at full throttle, but only getting enough to get the plane off the ground, and then just barely.

Eventually, the engines aren’t able to produce the thrust needed to sustain the weight load.  And when that happens, instead of blaming their own ticket counters which load up the plane, the Politician attacks the manufacturer of the engines.  Says they are being “greedy” and taking advantage of “loop holes”. 

But you know what?  At the end of the day, there is a certain simplicity – exceed the ability to sustain lift, and the plane comes down.  

So watch the politicians.  They will continue to load the plane.  They will continue to ignore “panic mongers” who try to warn that the system is reaching its breaking point, and they will continue to blame the engine.

And eventually, the laws of physics will prevail.  So… how much longer are we going to allow Politicians to work hard to convince the common man the question should be “how can we get more people onboard’, and continue to avoid talking about the engine?




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