Introducing the Next Postage Stamp – Andy Stern

Andy Stern has announced his resignation – not that it breaks my heart.  And not like it is going to make any real difference, anyhow. 

None the less, why am I even taking time to write about this?  It’s not like I am the fan of the SEIU, or any union for that matter.  Maybe the reason I’m writing something, is because I think Stern is the perfect example of why I’m always quick to laugh with any of Snowbama’s observations about how “different” his administration is going to be.

For starters, this is the union that spent 60 million dollars to help elect Snowbama.  Remember how he pontificated during the last State of the Union? Lambasting the Supreme Court because now Corporations were free to spend as much money as they wanted to on campaigns?  Never heard him utter one word about the SEIU, did we?

And what did Stern get for that?  20 visits to the White House.  At 3 million dollars a visit, I’m pretty sure they put more than a mint on his pillow.

But was the money just about getting a revolving door pass.  It was about being named to Snowbama’s National Commission on Fiscal Responsibilty and Reform.  First, let’s be clear, Stern has only resigned from the union, nothing more.  After all, spending 60 million dollars to push a candidate who had no other qualifications other than “I like Unions” is a definite mark of fiscal responsibilty.  As for any other aspect of Fiscal Responsibilty, there is none – spending 60 million dollars clearly spells out how we should define Fiscal Responsibility:  “He who spends the most to buy a President, should get the most from his pet politician.”

But you know what the funniest part of this whole story is?  Stern made the SEIU what it is, when he was able to break away from the AFL-CIO.  And what was his argument for starting a new union?  That the union was spending too much money on political campaigns. 

Imagine that!

So, he breaks away, spends a bucket load of money on political campaigns, and then when some of his own union members try to break away (for spending too much on politicians and not enough towards the union’s interests), Stern takes them to court and spends millions more. 

Typical liberal – a clear mindset of “I get to do it, but I won’t let you do it”.

In the end, he’s still going to be advising Snowbama on Fiscal Responsibilty.  And in this make-believe universe they call Washington DC, isn’t that the same as suggesting the Happy Hooker replace Mother Theresa?



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