What would Sun Tzu Say

Well, it seems the some of the liberals want to infiltrate the Tea Party..  Oh boy – now I’m trembling in my boots.

They say they have 65 “leaders” across the nation.  “Leaders”?  Let’s see what they are wanting to do.  First, they want to “infiltrate”.  Whyt?  So they can “Dismantle” the movement..

I suppose one of these so called “leaders” was at a Chineese resteraunt and when they asked for their fortune cookie, cracked it open and read a famous Sun Tzu quote: “All War is Based on Deception”.

Who knows – maybe some of them really think they are going to make a difference.  When I read the article, I laughed.  They say they are trying to emulate Martin Luther King, and use “non-violent” techniques to bring down the Tea Party.    Correct me if I’m wrong, but neither M-L-K or Ghandi advocated joining the enemy in the hopes of bringing about the demise of the oppressor.  If they did, wouldn’t that be the same as M-L-K saying the best way to win the Civil Rights struggle would be for everyone to join the K-K-K and then work to convince the Grand Dragon to join the NAACP?

I wonder where they get their ideas.

Maybe it really is the fortune cookie.  Or maybe they actually picked up a book by Sun Tzu.  I can almost see it – some pinhed liberal reading Sun Tzu’s quotes and getting all excited, and squeeling “I’ve found a way to stop the Tea Party”.

Sun Tzu once wrote: ‘Be extremely subtle, even to the point of formlessness.  Be extremely mysterious, even to the point of soundlessness.  Thereby you can be the director of the opponent’s fae”

Yes… I can see that the people who want to “infiltrate the Tea Party” really are thinking they have a chance to be the “directore of their opponent’s futrure”.

Only one thing – the Tea Party is not a party.  It’s not like you can join it, work your way to the top, and then decide to spring some far-flung agenda on your troops (of course, this is what Andy Stern and Snowbama do, so it doesn’t surprise me that other liberals think this is the way to go).

No – the Tea Party is not a party.  It is a passion.  It is a reflection of your conviction.  It is a mindset.  Trying to “infiltrate” to disassemble, would be the same as an atheist liberal joining the church, becoming a preacher, and then hoping to be able to teach Sunday school, so he could prove “there is no God”.

The point is this – you can’t infiltrate something which is a reflection of core principles.  I can’t “infiltrate” telling the truth, nor can I “infiltrate” a sense of standing up for what is right.  Infiltrate means the person is being deceptive.  The Tea Party is about genuine concern, and genuine anger.  It is about being angry with the direction the country is gonig.  How are you supposed to “infiltrate” somethin like this?

How?  Easy – lie.  Not only to those around you, but to yourself.  Lie.  Say you believe in one thing, but seriously believe in another.  But “Infiltrate”?  Their idea has no more chance of success than the Muslim Jihandist who diecides to “infiltrate” the Rabbi’s office.

Let’s face it.  Infiltrate is build on lying, and not being honest.  At it’s core… infiltrating those who disagree with you, is the last resort for someone who no longer knows how to answer any portion of criticism.

Well… Infilitrate is what they want to.  And like I wrote earlier…maybe this is become some have read a “special” fortune cookie.  Remember that quote I wrote from Sun Tzu?  True, he said you can become the director of your opponent’s future.  But go back and read the quote. It says “subtle”, “formlesness”, “mysterious” – these are the keyst to being able to way the fate of your opponent.

Here’s another quote by Sun Tzu:

‘If ignorant of your enemy and yourself, you are certain to be in peril”.  Let’s face it, the Liberals are ignorant of what is driving the Replublican anger. Tthey are ignorant to what it will take to fix the problem.  They are ignorant of the conceptual reality of the world they live in.

And when “ignorant”?  They are certain to be in peril.

So… let the liberal come in and infiltrate the conservatives.  But you know what?  I’m not worried about “misinformation”.  The truth stands on its own.  I’m not worried about a group which is going to try to dismantle “a passion, a deep belief”.  Nor am I worried about a group which can not “answer, nor nake retort” to the objections I raise.  As for them – they are the ones who have been infiltrated.  Infiltrated by the spirit of deny.  Infiltrated by the spirit of “can’t let him get better in life since I’m not able to”.  Infiltrated by the confusing thoughts of “we can stop Passion by making it embarassing.

Folks – our plan is smiple.  Dont be intimidated.  Don’t allow yourself to be infiltrated.  And never be afraid of speaking the truth.

Speak truth – infiltrate is not “truth”.  Speak truth.  Live in truth.  Stand in truth.  Walk in truth.  None of which can be applied by those who want to apease.

Just rememer Sun Tzu “If ignorant both of your enemy and yourself, you are certain to be in peril.”

Beliefve the “intimadation” = Peril.  Peril of believing telling a lie can some how make it true.




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