What Will Obama do About Iran?

Some folks who stop by here, might not be old enough to remember growing up in the 80s.  Sure, 20 years ago, might not sound like a long time ago, but apparently it is.  Apparently, if I remember the “auto-biographies” Snowbama claims to have written, he was probably drinking, smoking some weed, snorting some coke, but “not doing heroin”.

See, thirty years ago, we sat in abject silence as Carter floundered in his response.  How a proud American felt shamed watching our embassy get overthrown by a crowd of radical students.  How each day went by and we still couldn’t believe America, superpower that it was, was unable to rescue our own citizens.  Yeah… we’ve danced a round or two with Iran.

And during those same days, there were thousands of nuclear weapons pointed at us.   And we had thousands pointed right back.  It seems this is another lesson Snowbama has forgotten.  The strategic concept of “MAD”.

Mutual Assured Destruction.

In other words, you pull your trigger, we’re going to do the same.  Everybody looses, nobody wins.  And as insane as that may sound, apparently it worked, because the last time I looked, none is walking around at night, glowing like a street lamp.

And now Snowbama’s own admin is saying they don’t have any comprehensive strategy for dealing with a nuclear powered Iran.  Does he need one? Oh yeah.

Is there one?  Oh yeah.  Actually… I have two.  The first is “FLAT” and the second is “GLASS”

“Firm Limits Against Threats” and “Gauranteed Lessons After Superpower Strikes”.

In other words… they want to build nuclear capabilities.  Interesting.  They want to continue to threaten to use them against Iran.   And let’s not forget, by 2015, Iran will have ICBMs which can reach the U.S.

Yes, that’s right – the strategic plan I would propose is simple: Stop building your bomb, stop threatening your neighbors.  Or else feel the full ramifications of your country be hit so it is FLAT GLASS.

Of course, Snowbama and I don’t exactly see eye to eye on this one.  He’s introducing his own nuclear deterant strategy – “White House Insists More Pleas Expecting Results”.

Call it…. WHMPER

Any one want need a clue on why letting Iran have a nuclear bomb is definitly low on the Bright-Ideas list?




One Response

  1. If only BO had a ‘Bright Ideas list’!

    As far as I’m concerned his personal favorite is to be the post-american king.

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