DC Asylum presents (H.G. Wells “Time Machine”, starring Snow-Bama

(Fade in …)

(Commentator):  During last week’s episode of H.G Wells “Time Machine”, our hero Barack and his trusty side-kick went back to the turn of the century to make things right

(Barack):  Well Joe, we did a good job of saving convincing the President he needed to save the makers of the Horse Saddle from going out of business

(Joe):  Yeah – and it only cost 3 billion dollars

(Barack):  Cost isn’t important Joe…what’s important is making sure the saddle makers don’t go out of business…. it would be devastating to the economy.

(Joe): Yeah – damn those horse-less carriages.  Don’t they know those things are going to be bad for the environment?

(Barack):  Well Joe.. our work here is done…but our real work is never done!

(Joe): Yeah – so we are we going now?

(Barack):  We’re going to jump forward in time a little bit… seems the Propellor Makers are going to go out of business and we have to save them as well.

(Joe): Yeah – damn those jet engines – don’t they know those are bad for the environment?

(Commentator):  Join us next week as we continue on with the adventures of Barack and Joe – Saving everyone, because… they deem it necessary!




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