You Know Life Has Changed When …

Well, I’m on the low side of the 40s, and after roaming through different adventures in life(parachute logo – hint, hint), I finally settled down.

Today, I am the father of a four year old – who has told me “When his next birtday happens, he will be a teen-ager”.

Then there’s his brother – just turned one, and more than ready and eager to follow his brother’s footsteps.

You know life has changed… when the best part of the day is being able to it down with your son and play Lego Star Wars on the WII.

Now, for the longest time, I’ve always looked forward to one day owning a Harley Davidson.  No just any old bike, but a Hot that calls out to the road.  And then live life like a Bob Seeger song.

You know life has changed… when you find yourself thinking about a long motor home, and rolling along that long black ribbon, with the wife riding shotgun, listening to the boys in the bunk overhead, as they laugh and enjoy every moment.

And maybe, after the sun goes down and everyone has dozed off … I’ll slide my favorite Seeger CD into the player.




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