I’m just a regular Joe, husband to one great wife, father of two awesome blessings from God.    I work in a great profession, one that lets me travel the world, and the work I do has a measurable impact, and I’m content to know I’m making a difference.

So, why did I decide to start a blog?  Take a look at D.C. and tell me everything is alright and we should be happy with all that is happening.   Do I really think my little-tiny blog is going to make a difference?  Well, that depends on a person’s point of view.

Maybe I just want to have a chance to write out what I’m thinking – and if this is all that ever happens with this blog, then I consider it a success.  Maybe one of my friends will read something here, and then decide they too are no longer content to let Washington continue to morph into something our Founders never intended.  And maybe … just maybe… if enough people let loose with their voices, maybe the message will start to make its way through the pork-belly ear wax those career politicians seem to have succumbed to.

-The Old Man


13 Responses

  1. Welcome to blog land! Found you via Legal Insurrection and look forward to your entries.

  2. Welcome aboard! No finer shout out than from Professor Jacobson. Good luck and Godspeed!

  3. Just love your positive attitude, lifts this little old lady’s spirit.

  4. Hello, just found you on Legal Insurrection and it looks like you’re another one for my favorites list. Good luck!

    Are you on facebook or twitter?

    • Not yet on FaceBook or Twitter, but I will be heading that way soon, and will post an update when that comes off the “to-do” list. And a big THANKS for adding me to the favorite list!


  5. Welcome to the fray. Always glad to see another thoughtful conservative add his voice to the discussion.

    I’ll be checking back regularly to see how the experiment goes.

  6. Found you on Legal Insurrection. Welcome to the blogging world. Best Wishes!

  7. Just wanted to add my appreciation! Like previous commenters, I found you via Legal Insurrection and added you to my list of favorite blogs from the first entry I read. Keep up the good work. Cheers!

    • Two Big Thanks – one for stopping by and two for adding me to your list of favorites! Hope you always feel welcome to write your comments, and please, if there’s something you see or want added – let me know!


  8. This country is far from beaten. What the brit hasn’t seen is the sleeping anger that american citizens build just before they put their boots on and go to kicking. Our government has foolishly tested those lines this time and it won’t be forgotten.

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