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What Will Obama do About Iran?

Some folks who stop by here, might not be old enough to remember growing up in the 80s.  Sure, 20 years ago, might not sound like a long time ago, but apparently it is.  Apparently, if I remember the “auto-biographies” Snowbama claims to have written, he was probably drinking, smoking some weed, snorting some coke, but “not doing heroin”.

See, thirty years ago, we sat in abject silence as Carter floundered in his response.  How a proud American felt shamed watching our embassy get overthrown by a crowd of radical students.  How each day went by and we still couldn’t believe America, superpower that it was, was unable to rescue our own citizens.  Yeah… we’ve danced a round or two with Iran.

And during those same days, there were thousands of nuclear weapons pointed at us.   And we had thousands pointed right back.  It seems this is another lesson Snowbama has forgotten.  The strategic concept of “MAD”.

Mutual Assured Destruction.

In other words, you pull your trigger, we’re going to do the same.  Everybody looses, nobody wins.  And as insane as that may sound, apparently it worked, because the last time I looked, none is walking around at night, glowing like a street lamp.

And now Snowbama’s own admin is saying they don’t have any comprehensive strategy for dealing with a nuclear powered Iran.  Does he need one? Oh yeah.

Is there one?  Oh yeah.  Actually… I have two.  The first is “FLAT” and the second is “GLASS”

“Firm Limits Against Threats” and “Gauranteed Lessons After Superpower Strikes”.

In other words… they want to build nuclear capabilities.  Interesting.  They want to continue to threaten to use them against Iran.   And let’s not forget, by 2015, Iran will have ICBMs which can reach the U.S.

Yes, that’s right – the strategic plan I would propose is simple: Stop building your bomb, stop threatening your neighbors.  Or else feel the full ramifications of your country be hit so it is FLAT GLASS.

Of course, Snowbama and I don’t exactly see eye to eye on this one.  He’s introducing his own nuclear deterant strategy – “White House Insists More Pleas Expecting Results”.

Call it…. WHMPER

Any one want need a clue on why letting Iran have a nuclear bomb is definitly low on the Bright-Ideas list?



What would Sun Tzu Say

Well, it seems the some of the liberals want to infiltrate the Tea Party..  Oh boy – now I’m trembling in my boots.

They say they have 65 “leaders” across the nation.  “Leaders”?  Let’s see what they are wanting to do.  First, they want to “infiltrate”.  Whyt?  So they can “Dismantle” the movement..

I suppose one of these so called “leaders” was at a Chineese resteraunt and when they asked for their fortune cookie, cracked it open and read a famous Sun Tzu quote: “All War is Based on Deception”.

Who knows – maybe some of them really think they are going to make a difference.  When I read the article, I laughed.  They say they are trying to emulate Martin Luther King, and use “non-violent” techniques to bring down the Tea Party.    Correct me if I’m wrong, but neither M-L-K or Ghandi advocated joining the enemy in the hopes of bringing about the demise of the oppressor.  If they did, wouldn’t that be the same as M-L-K saying the best way to win the Civil Rights struggle would be for everyone to join the K-K-K and then work to convince the Grand Dragon to join the NAACP?

I wonder where they get their ideas.

Maybe it really is the fortune cookie.  Or maybe they actually picked up a book by Sun Tzu.  I can almost see it – some pinhed liberal reading Sun Tzu’s quotes and getting all excited, and squeeling “I’ve found a way to stop the Tea Party”.

Sun Tzu once wrote: ‘Be extremely subtle, even to the point of formlessness.  Be extremely mysterious, even to the point of soundlessness.  Thereby you can be the director of the opponent’s fae”

Yes… I can see that the people who want to “infiltrate the Tea Party” really are thinking they have a chance to be the “directore of their opponent’s futrure”.

Only one thing – the Tea Party is not a party.  It’s not like you can join it, work your way to the top, and then decide to spring some far-flung agenda on your troops (of course, this is what Andy Stern and Snowbama do, so it doesn’t surprise me that other liberals think this is the way to go).

No – the Tea Party is not a party.  It is a passion.  It is a reflection of your conviction.  It is a mindset.  Trying to “infiltrate” to disassemble, would be the same as an atheist liberal joining the church, becoming a preacher, and then hoping to be able to teach Sunday school, so he could prove “there is no God”.

The point is this – you can’t infiltrate something which is a reflection of core principles.  I can’t “infiltrate” telling the truth, nor can I “infiltrate” a sense of standing up for what is right.  Infiltrate means the person is being deceptive.  The Tea Party is about genuine concern, and genuine anger.  It is about being angry with the direction the country is gonig.  How are you supposed to “infiltrate” somethin like this?

How?  Easy – lie.  Not only to those around you, but to yourself.  Lie.  Say you believe in one thing, but seriously believe in another.  But “Infiltrate”?  Their idea has no more chance of success than the Muslim Jihandist who diecides to “infiltrate” the Rabbi’s office.

Let’s face it.  Infiltrate is build on lying, and not being honest.  At it’s core… infiltrating those who disagree with you, is the last resort for someone who no longer knows how to answer any portion of criticism.

Well… Infilitrate is what they want to.  And like I wrote earlier…maybe this is become some have read a “special” fortune cookie.  Remember that quote I wrote from Sun Tzu?  True, he said you can become the director of your opponent’s future.  But go back and read the quote. It says “subtle”, “formlesness”, “mysterious” – these are the keyst to being able to way the fate of your opponent.

Here’s another quote by Sun Tzu:

‘If ignorant of your enemy and yourself, you are certain to be in peril”.  Let’s face it, the Liberals are ignorant of what is driving the Replublican anger. Tthey are ignorant to what it will take to fix the problem.  They are ignorant of the conceptual reality of the world they live in.

And when “ignorant”?  They are certain to be in peril.

So… let the liberal come in and infiltrate the conservatives.  But you know what?  I’m not worried about “misinformation”.  The truth stands on its own.  I’m not worried about a group which is going to try to dismantle “a passion, a deep belief”.  Nor am I worried about a group which can not “answer, nor nake retort” to the objections I raise.  As for them – they are the ones who have been infiltrated.  Infiltrated by the spirit of deny.  Infiltrated by the spirit of “can’t let him get better in life since I’m not able to”.  Infiltrated by the confusing thoughts of “we can stop Passion by making it embarassing.

Folks – our plan is smiple.  Dont be intimidated.  Don’t allow yourself to be infiltrated.  And never be afraid of speaking the truth.

Speak truth – infiltrate is not “truth”.  Speak truth.  Live in truth.  Stand in truth.  Walk in truth.  None of which can be applied by those who want to apease.

Just rememer Sun Tzu “If ignorant both of your enemy and yourself, you are certain to be in peril.”

Beliefve the “intimadation” = Peril.  Peril of believing telling a lie can some how make it true.



Introducing the Next Postage Stamp – Andy Stern

Andy Stern has announced his resignation – not that it breaks my heart.  And not like it is going to make any real difference, anyhow. 

None the less, why am I even taking time to write about this?  It’s not like I am the fan of the SEIU, or any union for that matter.  Maybe the reason I’m writing something, is because I think Stern is the perfect example of why I’m always quick to laugh with any of Snowbama’s observations about how “different” his administration is going to be.

For starters, this is the union that spent 60 million dollars to help elect Snowbama.  Remember how he pontificated during the last State of the Union? Lambasting the Supreme Court because now Corporations were free to spend as much money as they wanted to on campaigns?  Never heard him utter one word about the SEIU, did we?

And what did Stern get for that?  20 visits to the White House.  At 3 million dollars a visit, I’m pretty sure they put more than a mint on his pillow.

But was the money just about getting a revolving door pass.  It was about being named to Snowbama’s National Commission on Fiscal Responsibilty and Reform.  First, let’s be clear, Stern has only resigned from the union, nothing more.  After all, spending 60 million dollars to push a candidate who had no other qualifications other than “I like Unions” is a definite mark of fiscal responsibilty.  As for any other aspect of Fiscal Responsibilty, there is none – spending 60 million dollars clearly spells out how we should define Fiscal Responsibility:  “He who spends the most to buy a President, should get the most from his pet politician.”

But you know what the funniest part of this whole story is?  Stern made the SEIU what it is, when he was able to break away from the AFL-CIO.  And what was his argument for starting a new union?  That the union was spending too much money on political campaigns. 

Imagine that!

So, he breaks away, spends a bucket load of money on political campaigns, and then when some of his own union members try to break away (for spending too much on politicians and not enough towards the union’s interests), Stern takes them to court and spends millions more. 

Typical liberal – a clear mindset of “I get to do it, but I won’t let you do it”.

In the end, he’s still going to be advising Snowbama on Fiscal Responsibilty.  And in this make-believe universe they call Washington DC, isn’t that the same as suggesting the Happy Hooker replace Mother Theresa?


Life’s Lessons from the Passenger Seat of a 747

Once again, I’ve spent the last few days flying back and forth between one third-world country and another.  Back and Forth.  Back and Forth.

So, here I am, sitting on the airplane, when I begin to understand how the airplane is a good example of a good model to explain where we are going with all of this nanny-state mentality.  The ones who create the wealth, and the State wanting to use that wealth to take care of others.

It’s quite simple – the plane would be the taxes drawn by the “wealthy”.  Actually, it’s not so much the plane itself, it’s the engines.  The more powerful the engines, the farther the plane can travel and the faster it can get there. 

Then there is the welfare side of the plane.  There’s no point in building the engine, if there are not going to be any “passengers”. 

Well, in Snowbama’s world, as long as there are engines on the plane, we can fill the plane.  Empty seats?  Load more passengers.  When the engineers designed the plane, they put in 40 rows, each row with 8 seats.  Still have more passengers?  Then restructure the seating.  320 seats was good at first, but now we need 350 seats.

Solution – why have 30 inches in between the rows, when 24 inches will help build a few more rows. 

And that’s the thing with Politicians – they come in, and they “build” a system, but the passenger load continues to grow.  So, they have to “redistribute” the benefits, which means “less available”, for the good of “adding more”.

And the second thing the Politician refuses to recognize – those engines, it doesn’t matter how many passengers are on board.  At some point, the combined weight exceeds the ability for the plane to be able to lift off the ground. 

But try telling that to a politician.  They only see the inside of the cabin.  They don’t want to admit there are limitiations to the engine.  That the greater the weight load, the more thrust which is needed.  And eventually, the pilot flying the plane is running the engine at full throttle, but only getting enough to get the plane off the ground, and then just barely.

Eventually, the engines aren’t able to produce the thrust needed to sustain the weight load.  And when that happens, instead of blaming their own ticket counters which load up the plane, the Politician attacks the manufacturer of the engines.  Says they are being “greedy” and taking advantage of “loop holes”. 

But you know what?  At the end of the day, there is a certain simplicity – exceed the ability to sustain lift, and the plane comes down.  

So watch the politicians.  They will continue to load the plane.  They will continue to ignore “panic mongers” who try to warn that the system is reaching its breaking point, and they will continue to blame the engine.

And eventually, the laws of physics will prevail.  So… how much longer are we going to allow Politicians to work hard to convince the common man the question should be “how can we get more people onboard’, and continue to avoid talking about the engine?



DC Asylum Presents “Redistribution of the GPA”

I seem to remember Snowbama touting how he was once a professor.  I wonder if we looked, would we have found subtle clues as to what he had in mind for the American economy…

Student:  Uhm… Professor Obama…. I was wondering if I could ask about the grade you gave me….

Professor:  Yes… what about it?

Student:  Well, every paper I’ve written, you’ve given it the highest marks, and I’ve never scored less than a 96 on any of your tests…

Professor:  True, you are one of the hardest working students in any of my classes.  What’s the problem?

Student:  I don’t understand why my transcripts only show a 3.4.  I don’t understand.

Professor:  I just want to be fair.

Student:  But why isn’t my GPA equal to my test scores?

Professor:  Well, as you know… Bubba has been struggling with the class, and he was in danger of failing out.  In fact, he only had a 1.1 GPA, and he needs a 2.5 to be able to maintain his sports scholarship.

Student:  But professor, I work hard for my grades.  Bubba…he doesn’t study at all.  He just hangs out at the gym.

Professor:  Now, there you go, stereotyping the less fortunate.  All I’m trying to do is level the playing field.

Student:  But professor Obama, I study 6 hours a day.  Every day!

Professor:  Oh, Glenn… you’re not taking into account how many opportunities you’ve had given to you.  You have all the advantages.  And even after I take some of your GPA and give it to Bubba, you will still be far ahead of him.  No, this is the fair thing to do.

Student:  But this is my grade.  I shouldn’t have to give up my hard work!

Professor:  That’s where you’re wrong.   The grade is mine to give – you haven’t “earned” anything.  You’ve just been able to benefit from all the advantages given to you.

Student:  I want my grade back!

Professor:  No Glenn….I was elected Presi…Professor.  That says all that needs to be said.

Well, I wonder how long the student is going to keep studying as hard as she did before.  Or worse… will she still continue to even stay in this school?  And what’s to say Bubba isn’t going to need “more” help come next year.  After all, why study, when the Professor is there to play nanny, all the way through school?



True Motivations Explained

I do believe this one just about says it all in as few words as possible.

Another thought, how come the guy with the gun gets the prison time for taking the money, but in terms of Government, it is allowed to continue taking and taking, and only person going to jail is the person on the other side of the gun?