DC Asylum presents “Executive Orders Solve Everything”

(Nancy):  Your Presidency… you told us the American people didn’t care about process…

(Obama):  And they don’t…trust me.

(Nancy):  Well, it seems they are VERY interested in one part of the process

(Obama):  And what would that be?

(Nancy):  Article One, Section Four, Clause One

(Obama):  And what would that be?

(Nancy):  Your Presidency – you mock me – we both know I am refering to the mandate that federal elections occur on Tuesday after the first Monday in November…

(Obama):  November…No-vember… NO-vember….sounds like a month named after Republicans, doesn’t it.

(Nancy):  Your Presidency – what are we going to do?  We can’t afford to loose the House – we still have so much more to take over..I mean, take on..

(Obama):  Here you go Nancy… let me sign this Executive Order – your problems are solved.

(Nancy) I don’t understand…

(Obama):  It’s easy – by Executive Order, I decree all calenders to now only contain 11 months.  We just drop November.

Just remember folks – after the French Revolution, they redesigned the entire calender.  In fact, so have a number of other “Revolutions”.   So why would this be any different?



219 Candidates – 225 days

They say they needed 216 votes to pass…. I wonder if anyone noticed that on Sunday, there were only 225 days before they would be held accountable.

As more and more of this bill gets exposed, we’re going to see the following be the excuses used as defenses

1) I didn’t read all of the bill (so sorry, we wanted to stop cramming in through – this excuse won’t hold water).

2) I was lied to – I didn’t know it had that provision (sorry, read #1 to see how valid this is)

3) Nancy twisted my arm and I couldn’t take it any more (sorry, you were elected to represent the people, not be a servant to her insanity).

4) I thought it was good for America (and now you’re finding out it wasn’t?  Should have listened to the opposition instead of maligning them)

5) Barak promise it wasn’t going to be like this (get for real, he sacrificed you because he still has two more years to ride this one out and furhter mobilize SEIU).

6) The “special provisions” for my state were too good to pass up (yeah – the Senator from Nebraska sold out his character and integrity – and did it stay in?  One thing about integrity, it’s like virginity, once you give it up, it’s gone).

7)  I didn’t realize so many of my constituents were against it (hello?  Town Hall meetings?  Letters to the editors?  You just didn’t want to see it – its called “ostrich head”)

8) You misunderstand my position (sorry – your vote clearly explains your position)

9) I’m did it for the little man, and I’m proud of it (good – keep saying that while you’re on the lecture circuit – you’re still fired.  As for the “little man”, ask him which he would rather have: a job without health care, or health care without a job – health care doesn’t buy food, pay rent, or put clothes on the kids.)

10)  I’ve seen the error of my way, and I’m ready to go back to Washington to overtun this mistake (what, do you think you’re Tiger Woods and the American public is Elin – you messed up and now it’s time to face reality – the November Divorce lawyer is heading your way).

If you’re angry – then do something about it – find candidates who are ready to fight for you – and get behind them.