DC Asylum presents “Executive Orders Solve Everything”

(Nancy):  Your Presidency… you told us the American people didn’t care about process…

(Obama):  And they don’t…trust me.

(Nancy):  Well, it seems they are VERY interested in one part of the process

(Obama):  And what would that be?

(Nancy):  Article One, Section Four, Clause One

(Obama):  And what would that be?

(Nancy):  Your Presidency – you mock me – we both know I am refering to the mandate that federal elections occur on Tuesday after the first Monday in November…

(Obama):  November…No-vember… NO-vember….sounds like a month named after Republicans, doesn’t it.

(Nancy):  Your Presidency – what are we going to do?  We can’t afford to loose the House – we still have so much more to take over..I mean, take on..

(Obama):  Here you go Nancy… let me sign this Executive Order – your problems are solved.

(Nancy) I don’t understand…

(Obama):  It’s easy – by Executive Order, I decree all calenders to now only contain 11 months.  We just drop November.

Just remember folks – after the French Revolution, they redesigned the entire calender.  In fact, so have a number of other “Revolutions”.   So why would this be any different?



Warning to Democrats – November is Not Going To Go Away

I’m outside the U.S at the moment, but I do believe I will be buying me one of these T-Shirts when I get home.

I believe this message is a solid one, and I believe it sends a message the Democrats have been wanting to downplay.

November is still on the calender.

For the last few days, I’ve been writing that the battle was lost, but the final scene has yet to be written.  I also wrote that we would begin to see more and more campaigns to get people across America to support candidates outside of their state.

True – this campaign is over – but I would still recommend visiting the site.  So you can sign up for the next one.  Why miss out?  Why only participate once?  And don’t you believe your friends should know about it?

CBS asked Michael Steele if this was  “a little bit extreme”.  His answer was so right on the money –

“Nancy Pelosi is the architect of the demise of one-sixth of our economy.  She should be fired for her failure to serve the interests of the American people.”

When I looked at the site – I was tickled to see that California was one of the top 10 states contributing to her “forced retirement”.   The question today is this – was your state in top 10?  If it wasn’t, are you going to step up to the plate?

Do you know what I think the best part is?  The campaign raised 1.4 million dollars, in a one day period.  No major advertisement – just word of mouth.  Want to bet we’re going to see more such campaigns?  Want to bet they will still continue to provide substantial war-chests for those wanting to oust the incumbent?

Remember – there are 219 incumbents who voted “Yes” to the bigger question – “Am I willing to roll the dice and end my days as an incumbent?”



Look Who Used to call “Deem-Pass” Unconstitutional


Isn’t it just a marvelous convenience when Nancy Pelosi needs to get unpopular legislation, she resorts to manipulating the legislative process, rather than let the bill stand on its own merit.  And isn’t it just another coincidence for Nancy to turn to her old friend Deborah Slaughter to find a way of making the impossible, possible?

Now, the next time any of us hear a liberal say “but the Republicans have used this”, let’s do them a favor… and maybe share a few more details.

For starters – in 2006, Ralph Need was suing because the Republicans were using this tactic to pass a deficit bill.  Was this anywhere near as controversial?

No.  Not when you consider the original legislation had already passed, and then it was realized the bill sent to Chamber had a clerical error.  That’s right – was already passed by an actual vote, so the “deem and pass” was being used to correct the error.

But you know what… it wasn’t just Nader who was suing.  It turns out, while she was Minority Leader, Pelosi signed on to the bill.  And so did Slaughter.

Imagine that – and better yet – their argument was this move was Unconstitutional!  For the very same reasons the Republicans want this maneuver stopped.

We have a word for actions like this – take a guess…



The Most Important Question For ALL Generations


Work finally slowed down enough for me to make a quick scan for what today’s news would be – and I find this banner on Fox News.

This has to be one of the most important questions asked in years.   Not being melodramatic, but think about it… if Slaughter and Nancy get their way, that means Democracy will be so intrinsically redefined, it boggles the mind.

Like a very famous Tweet announced: “We’ve gone from passing laws without reading them, to passing laws without voting on them.”

Your call America – is this the government model you want?  They’ve already shown us how their tactics become the norm.   Won’t be long before we’re “deeming” just about everything which regulates your life.

Our elections will no longer be so we can have a representative body – it will only mean we are voting to select our new masters – whatever they decide, will be the way we have to live.

As a father, this isn’t the country I want my children to inherit.  And if you are a parent – then you need to ask yourself the same question as well.


Snowbama meets the Gipper

I’m not sure how many have seen the 1961 speech from Ronald Reagen – it was part of Operation Coffee Cup, in which he spoke up against Socialized Medicine.

Well, I wanted to add this video to the blog, and will probably end up adding it to the Video Hall of Fame.  Now, the reason I like this clip the best – is it includes important sound bites from Pelosi, Reid and Obama.  The contrast between the two messages is so evident.

and please…take the time to watch the whole video – especially when Reagen counters the argument “this will work like Medicaid and that’s a good program”.

Old- Man-Tex

Pelosi and Obama having “Family Feud”?

I can see the V-Cards being sent between the two:

“Oh Valentine Oh Valentine… Please be mine (but first, you have to take blame for all of this),
With Love and kisses to both cheeks (in other words, you can kiss my,…)”