Tom Clancy Understands (Part Two)

Still more great readin from Mr. Clancy in his “Executive Orders”

“It is not my job to take your money and give it back.  It is my job to take what money I must have to protect and serve you – and do that job as efficientyly as possible.  Government service may be an important duty, and a great responsibility, but it is not supposed to be a blessing for those who serve.  It is your government servants who are supposed to sacrifice for you, not you who sacrifice for them.”

Folks – I just don’t think Obama would be able to stomach having to make such a speech.  And even if he did…. would we believe him?



True Motivations Explained

I do believe this one just about says it all in as few words as possible.

Another thought, how come the guy with the gun gets the prison time for taking the money, but in terms of Government, it is allowed to continue taking and taking, and only person going to jail is the person on the other side of the gun?



Pay-Go Is Not the Solution (Part 2)

Well, yesterday I wrote about “Pay As You Go” and what a sham it is – it’s not all inclusive, and it relies on politicians to even want to abide by it.  And I ended my post with “So, what are we to do?”

For starters, stop expecting a new batch of electd officials to make any real difference.  The professional lobbyists, carreer staffers, even the experienced journalist, they are all there… waiting for the Freshman Congress to come in, so they can chew them up and show them how the game is really played.

But the Founding Fathers were wise – they knew there would be times the Federal government would not heed the will of the States.  And this is they they framed the Constitution in the manner in such a way that it not only served as the foundation upon which all other law must be measured, but the Founders also gave the people outside the Federal government the ability to pass amendments.

See, they knew there would be times the individual states would have to take action when the Federal government would not.

And folks, if there ever was a time when “We THE People” need to reign in the Federal government… it is now.

Not twenty years from now, not even ten years from today.


Either the spending is brought under control, or we will eventually implode under the pressure of debt.

Either – Or …

No grey middle ground …

Succeed or Fail …

Continue on or Cease …

Either – Or!

So, back to the first question – What can we do?

We stop expecting “Career” politicians to solve our problems.  We stop expecting Washington to be able to wean itself from the political addiction of trading appropriations for votes.

Rehab has failed.

It is time for tough love.  As in an Amendment which is simple in content.

It is time to say “Enough”.  Enough subsidizing other states because their representatives lack the ethics to watch your own state have to lay off its own state-employees because of the burdens placed on it by their state.

No more – No Less

Simply put – No state shall ever receive from the Federal government more dollars than what it already sends to Washington.

Because at the end of the day – those extra dollars are coming from one of the other states.   And the longer we tolerate this, the longer we will continue to support the nanny-states which want to buy their votes with your dollars.


Pay-Go is Not the Solution

How often have we heard SnowBama and other Dems say they want to use “Pay-As-You-Go”?

The concept of paying upfront sure seems to be a sound idea.  If you don’t have the money, you don’t get to buy the dress.  The government doesn’t have the money, they don’t get to have the program.

Obnly – It doesn’t happen.

Anyone remember why Bunning was trying to hold back a certain spending bill?  Because the money wasn’t there.   So much for Pay-Go.

In this case, there were 400 thousand unemployed.  Now, who wants to tell that crowd they won’t be getting any benefits? 

So, as long as the need is compelling, and the politician doesn’t want to be the bad guy – forget Pay-Go.  And most everything can be made to sound compelling – and one other thing is a sure thing – Politicians do not get re-elected for being the bad guy.

But ther is another reason this gimmick won’t work – the law only applies to new programs, and leaves exempt the pre-existing ones.

Isn’t this the same as saying you want to loose weight and you will use Dr Obama’s “Eat Only You Excercise”, only to find out this applies to foods you haven’t already been eating?

Sure, you don’t get to eat as many Bavarian Chocolate bars as you hoped you would, but since you never ate one before, they are out.  But feel free to keep stacking up that pile of Hershey bars – Obama says it’s not part of his diet.

Just how successful will that diet be? If you still think there will be any weight loss – stop reading this blog and go back to watching sit-coms.

Reducing the defecit is simple.  The formula is the same one you use to pay off your credit cards.

Stop.  Don’t make any more purchases on credit.

Work on spending less, and use the money you aren’t spending to reduce your own debt.

The one thing you can NOT do, is go to your boss and demand a new pay raise each and everytime there is a sale at the mall, and something new catches your eye.

So… what are we to do?

We sure can’t count on the career politician to write any laws which will force him to do something he doesn’t want to – if they did, count on this – there WILL be exemptions.

Second, time after tim, they have already demonstrated a propensity to avoid following the laws, especially when they convince themselves the need is great.

So… what are we to do?

Come back tomorrow – I’ll write some more.


Great observation regarding Welfare Benefits and Illegal Employment

The Southeast Missourian ran an editorial regarding Illegal Immigration and this current administration.  Of course, it is right on target with it’s observation:
“Our president came into office with several campaign promises.  He is now learning that campaigning and governing are much different.”

But the best part of the editorial comes at the end, when it addresses the central argument regarding illigal immigration – that they come over to better themselves and to do the jobs Americans are unwilling to do.

You know what, we’ve all heard it before, and every response I’ve ever heard tend to look at the American worker – is he lazy?  Are his expectations too high?  Is there work beneath his dignity?

But the one thing we rarely hear, is a counterargument which is both sound and truthful.

“Does anyone ever ask the question of why Americans are unwilling to do some of the difficult jobs held by the alien population?  Is it because we have established a welfare system – call it what you want – that is more enticing than taking a job that is less than ideal?”

“If we reward people through countless federal assistance programs more than they could earn at the jobs taken by the immigrant population, then we have created the problem we now seek to solve.”

And nothing can be closer to the truth than that last line.  We have finally reached a point where it is better to be on welfare than it is to actually work.  The illegal aliean shows us the work is there.  He shows us he can still feed his family, and make better in life.  But will Americans work the same job?  Obviously not – and why should they?

So, what do you think will happen as we continue to expand our federal assistance programs?  Not only will you and I pay more taxes (which we all agree will happen), but there will be progressively less and less people willing to do the work.  Which in turn, means you and I will have to pay even more.

A never ending cycle – one we have to stop, or eventually, there won’t be enough workers left to pay the non-workers.

Once again, hat tip to Mr. Harvey for sending me the article!



Obama Claims to be “Agnostic” on Taxes

Ok… never mind he was standing there at the Springfield Missouri town hall meeting and said “Let me be clear – if you are a family making less than $250,000 a year… you will not see your taxes go up,”… now we have the Bloomberg Business Week quoting TOTUS as saying he is “agnostic” about raising taxes on those making less than $250,000.

What exactly does the Great Orator mean?

From Merriam-webster
Agnostic (noun) 1) a person who holds the view that any ultimate reality (as God) is unknown and probably unknowable; 2) a person unwilling to commit to an opinion about something.

Yeah… He’s agnostic all right.