Tom Clancy Understands (Part Three)

You know, I really do think Mr. Clancy does understand what it is we want from our political “leaders”.

“Ladies and gentlemen, that’s why your duty tomorrow to elect the right people to serve you is so important.  Many of you operate your own business and you hire people to work for you.  Most of you own your own homes, and sometimes you hire plumbers, electricians, carpenters to do work for you.  You try to hire the right people for the work because you pay for that work, and you want it done right.  When your child is sick, you try to pick the best physician – and you pay attention to what that doctord does ahd how well he or she does it.  Why? Because there is nothing more important to you than the life of your child.

America is also your chil.  America is a country forever young.  America needs the right people to look after her.  It is your job to picke the right people, regardless of party, or race, or gender, or anything otehr than talent and inegrity.”

Yes, I really do think Mr. Clancy understands what America is all about.  But what does it say about our country, when the most truthful statements about politics, can only come from a fictional character? 

Have we really slipped that far from where our Founding Fathers set us out to be?  Have we taken their sacrifice, and cheapened it with our “Politics of Greed” and “Cult of Personality”?

Because one thing is for certain – we’re no longer about setting out to make something of yourself, but trying more and more to create a system which will take care of you.



Tom Clancy Understands (Part Two)

Still more great readin from Mr. Clancy in his “Executive Orders”

“It is not my job to take your money and give it back.  It is my job to take what money I must have to protect and serve you – and do that job as efficientyly as possible.  Government service may be an important duty, and a great responsibility, but it is not supposed to be a blessing for those who serve.  It is your government servants who are supposed to sacrifice for you, not you who sacrifice for them.”

Folks – I just don’t think Obama would be able to stomach having to make such a speech.  And even if he did…. would we believe him?


Tom Clancy Understands (Part One)

If you know me, you know I love to read.  And from time to time, I pick up a military novel.  This time, “Executive Order”.

I’d like to share a page I was reading today – because Mr Clancy is very good at having Jack Ryan (great character), explain what it means to be an American.

“Thomas Jefferson wrote that governments derive their just powers from the consent o the governed.  That’s you.  The Constitution is something you should all reasd.  The Constitution of the United States was not written to tell you what to do.  The Constitution establishes the relationship among the three branches of government.  It tells the government what it may do, and it also tells the government what it may not do.  The government mayu not restrict your speech.  The government may not tell you how to pray.  The government may not do a lot of things.  Government is a lot better at taking things away than it is at giving, but most of all, the government does not empower you.  You empower the government.  Ours is a government of the people.  You are not a people who belong to the government.”

You know what… I think I like reading this Mr. Clancy.


Soon to Be “Public Threat Number One”



One of my good friends gave me a call today – asked me to check out a web page he thought I might find interesting.

It seems Obama believes the Tea Party is built around a core group who question whether he is a U.S citizen or a Socialist.  Now… here’s the rub.  He goes on to say “folks have legitimate concerns”…. but instead of saying the Tea Party has at its fringe some folks we might all take a double take… the movement has them at the core.

The center.

Built around.

Very neat – the way he goes about laying the ground work for marginalizing the Tea Party.  Yes – there’s been the accusation of “N” word being shouted, of someone spitting at a Congressman, even pictures of broken windows… all laid at the footstep of the Tea Party, but all unproven. 

My main point – he deliberatly avoids referring to these types as “fringe” elements attracted to the Tea Party rallies, but says this is the core element.  The center-piece.  And before long, this idea will take hold with all of mainstream media.   It won’t be long before you go to talking to one of your neighbors about government getting too big, or incumbents who refuse to listen to their own constituents, or how the political process is all about using stimulus money to buy the votes needed to pass the Progressive agenda… well… before you can even get that far, you’re probably going to see him recoil, as if you asked him to bring a five gallon can of gas to the next cross burning.

Not being marginalized….now the tactic is to be “stigmatized”.

He says the Tea Party is about people questioning his legitimacy – once again, I, I, I and Me, Me, Me.  The Tea Party isn’t about Obama.  It’s about a government that has lost touch with the principles this country was founded on.  It’s about people havig a genuine concern for the back-breaking debt we are passing on to generations not even born.  It’s about objecting to Government villify success and want to punish the achiever.

False Fear…. that’s what this is all about.



Watch Out – There’s Gonna Be a Convoy

How many times have we heard “those Tea Party rallies” don’t have a large crowd.  Well, maybe this isn’t one of those “Million Man” marches.  And maybe it’s not even 100,00.  But look at the picture and tell me that is an insubstantial crowd.

That’s Searchlight Nevada – call it… the Starting Point.  Back in the 70s there was a pretty good song by C.W. McCall – “Convoy”.  Some of you might remember it, some might not.  Even became a movie (for those who have NetFlix).

Now take a look at this Mobile Home… see the map?  That’s the route this bus will be taking.  Seachlight was the starting point, and DC is where it will end on April 15.  And every one of those dots is another city, another crowd.  Anyone want to take a bet the crowds will continue to get larger?

And when you’re looking at all of this, remember this one VERY important fact.  April 15 2010, the movement is only one year old.  Look at how far it has come so far.  The Dems think they can minimalize this?  Not a chance.  The Dems think they can marginalize this?  Even less chance.  Last tactic – make everyone look like they are whackos hell bent on burning down the capital.

So it wouldn’t surprise me as the bus gets closer… the obstacles will start coming out.  Might even see a concentrated effort to stop the bus from travelling.  National Security, of course.


Warning to Democrats – November is Not Going To Go Away

I’m outside the U.S at the moment, but I do believe I will be buying me one of these T-Shirts when I get home.

I believe this message is a solid one, and I believe it sends a message the Democrats have been wanting to downplay.

November is still on the calender.

For the last few days, I’ve been writing that the battle was lost, but the final scene has yet to be written.  I also wrote that we would begin to see more and more campaigns to get people across America to support candidates outside of their state.

True – this campaign is over – but I would still recommend visiting the site.  So you can sign up for the next one.  Why miss out?  Why only participate once?  And don’t you believe your friends should know about it?

CBS asked Michael Steele if this was  “a little bit extreme”.  His answer was so right on the money –

“Nancy Pelosi is the architect of the demise of one-sixth of our economy.  She should be fired for her failure to serve the interests of the American people.”

When I looked at the site – I was tickled to see that California was one of the top 10 states contributing to her “forced retirement”.   The question today is this – was your state in top 10?  If it wasn’t, are you going to step up to the plate?

Do you know what I think the best part is?  The campaign raised 1.4 million dollars, in a one day period.  No major advertisement – just word of mouth.  Want to bet we’re going to see more such campaigns?  Want to bet they will still continue to provide substantial war-chests for those wanting to oust the incumbent?

Remember – there are 219 incumbents who voted “Yes” to the bigger question – “Am I willing to roll the dice and end my days as an incumbent?”



219 Candidates – 225 days

They say they needed 216 votes to pass…. I wonder if anyone noticed that on Sunday, there were only 225 days before they would be held accountable.

As more and more of this bill gets exposed, we’re going to see the following be the excuses used as defenses

1) I didn’t read all of the bill (so sorry, we wanted to stop cramming in through – this excuse won’t hold water).

2) I was lied to – I didn’t know it had that provision (sorry, read #1 to see how valid this is)

3) Nancy twisted my arm and I couldn’t take it any more (sorry, you were elected to represent the people, not be a servant to her insanity).

4) I thought it was good for America (and now you’re finding out it wasn’t?  Should have listened to the opposition instead of maligning them)

5) Barak promise it wasn’t going to be like this (get for real, he sacrificed you because he still has two more years to ride this one out and furhter mobilize SEIU).

6) The “special provisions” for my state were too good to pass up (yeah – the Senator from Nebraska sold out his character and integrity – and did it stay in?  One thing about integrity, it’s like virginity, once you give it up, it’s gone).

7)  I didn’t realize so many of my constituents were against it (hello?  Town Hall meetings?  Letters to the editors?  You just didn’t want to see it – its called “ostrich head”)

8) You misunderstand my position (sorry – your vote clearly explains your position)

9) I’m did it for the little man, and I’m proud of it (good – keep saying that while you’re on the lecture circuit – you’re still fired.  As for the “little man”, ask him which he would rather have: a job without health care, or health care without a job – health care doesn’t buy food, pay rent, or put clothes on the kids.)

10)  I’ve seen the error of my way, and I’m ready to go back to Washington to overtun this mistake (what, do you think you’re Tiger Woods and the American public is Elin – you messed up and now it’s time to face reality – the November Divorce lawyer is heading your way).

If you’re angry – then do something about it – find candidates who are ready to fight for you – and get behind them.