Tom Clancy Understands (Part Three)

You know, I really do think Mr. Clancy does understand what it is we want from our political “leaders”.

“Ladies and gentlemen, that’s why your duty tomorrow to elect the right people to serve you is so important.  Many of you operate your own business and you hire people to work for you.  Most of you own your own homes, and sometimes you hire plumbers, electricians, carpenters to do work for you.  You try to hire the right people for the work because you pay for that work, and you want it done right.  When your child is sick, you try to pick the best physician – and you pay attention to what that doctord does ahd how well he or she does it.  Why? Because there is nothing more important to you than the life of your child.

America is also your chil.  America is a country forever young.  America needs the right people to look after her.  It is your job to picke the right people, regardless of party, or race, or gender, or anything otehr than talent and inegrity.”

Yes, I really do think Mr. Clancy understands what America is all about.  But what does it say about our country, when the most truthful statements about politics, can only come from a fictional character? 

Have we really slipped that far from where our Founding Fathers set us out to be?  Have we taken their sacrifice, and cheapened it with our “Politics of Greed” and “Cult of Personality”?

Because one thing is for certain – we’re no longer about setting out to make something of yourself, but trying more and more to create a system which will take care of you.



Tom Clancy Understands (Part Two)

Still more great readin from Mr. Clancy in his “Executive Orders”

“It is not my job to take your money and give it back.  It is my job to take what money I must have to protect and serve you – and do that job as efficientyly as possible.  Government service may be an important duty, and a great responsibility, but it is not supposed to be a blessing for those who serve.  It is your government servants who are supposed to sacrifice for you, not you who sacrifice for them.”

Folks – I just don’t think Obama would be able to stomach having to make such a speech.  And even if he did…. would we believe him?


Tom Clancy Understands (Part One)

If you know me, you know I love to read.  And from time to time, I pick up a military novel.  This time, “Executive Order”.

I’d like to share a page I was reading today – because Mr Clancy is very good at having Jack Ryan (great character), explain what it means to be an American.

“Thomas Jefferson wrote that governments derive their just powers from the consent o the governed.  That’s you.  The Constitution is something you should all reasd.  The Constitution of the United States was not written to tell you what to do.  The Constitution establishes the relationship among the three branches of government.  It tells the government what it may do, and it also tells the government what it may not do.  The government mayu not restrict your speech.  The government may not tell you how to pray.  The government may not do a lot of things.  Government is a lot better at taking things away than it is at giving, but most of all, the government does not empower you.  You empower the government.  Ours is a government of the people.  You are not a people who belong to the government.”

You know what… I think I like reading this Mr. Clancy.